The State of the Cantina Address

It has been nearly 47 years since the infamous cantina in a certain wretched hive of scum and villainy made its debut. From the beginning, Kenner embraced the scene and created not one but two playsets based on the watering-hole and close to a dozen figures to populate it within the first few years.  The Mos Eisley Cantina, also known as Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina, and its patrons have been a work-in-progress for Kenner and then Hasbro across many of their action figure lines. It seems that barely a year will go by without a new offering, update or reissue of a Cantina-inspired item and despite the unending attention, there are still dozens of Cantina characters that have yet to be made.  In this article, [...]

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The Complete Black Series Action Figure Checklist

In 2013, Hasbro made the decision to create a collector focused scale of super-articulated 6" figures. This Black Series line of figures became very popular with collectors who were used to super-detailed and highly posable figures from The Vintage Collection 3 3/4" line. This line which has grown exponentially with each year was not the first time Hasbro attempted a 6" line. During the Power of the Jedi line, which followed the highly overproduced Episode I line of figures, Hasbro debuted the extremely short-lived "Mega" action figure line. This line featured just three figures which had action features and sculpts which featured limited points of articulation. In 2015 with the release of The Force Awakens a third 6" toy line was introduced but this time, these [...]

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Your Force Friday II Checklist

Happy Force Friday II Eve! We are just hours away from the official release of The Last Jedi product and we have the Hasbro figure list you are going to need on tonight's toy run! So what's on the list? All new and upcoming 5POA figures, 6" Black Series, 12" Hero figures and Forces of Destiny Adventure Figures. Please note that any items in italics are toys we have yet to see packaged and that this list does not include rumors or items we have yet to physically see. We fully expect this list to quickly become outdated as reveals are made throughout the night by major retails but rest assured we'll provide updates throughout the Force-filled weekend! Here is a downloadable and printable copy Force Friday [...]

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Your #GoRogue Hasbro Pocket Guide Checklist

As you venture out on Force Friday looking for Hasbro Rogue One toys, make sure to take along our #GoRogue Pocket Guide!  Brought to you by TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast part of the Galaxy of Toys Podcast Network; and hope to help you out while on your toy runs this weekend!   Click here for the .pdf: GoRogue Pocket Guide Click here for the .docx: GoRogue Pocket Guide We'd love to hear and share your Force Friday stories so make sure to tag or send us news on your experience via any of our social pages or to! Good luck to all and May the Figures be with you!

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Rogue One-oh-One is in Session presents Your Resource for all things Rogue One  Action Figure Related Schools out but Rogue One-oh-One is in session! As we are gearing up for this fall's action figure line debut we are breaking down and collecting all information pertaining to the Rogue One action figure lines. On our Rogue One-oh-One page you'll already find the following: Rogue One  Checklist The Black Series  Checklist Rogue One  Reveal Timeline The Rogue One  Parking Lot And that is just the beginning! Click either the logo above or simply here and make sure to check back for more as we move closer to the mission that will enable a farm boy, a princess, a smuggler, a Jedi, two droids and an alien to change the course of a galaxy far, far [...]

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The Chewbacca Mom 12″ Figure

Well, color us jealous as the Chewbacca Mom AKA Candace Payne has received her very own Hasbro action figure.  The now internet star has received all sorts of attention since her Facebook Live video featuring her contagious laughter went viral. Since rising to fame Payne has visited numerous talk shows, Lucasfilm and now Hasbro's headquarters where she received the one-of-kind Chewbacca 12" figure.  The figure is made from The Force Awakens Chewbacca toy but includes an exclusive sculpt of Payne's face with a miniature replica of the now infamous Chewbacca mask.  The likeness is true to life and the removable mask is even more so.   We will attest to the real roaring mask to being rather fun as we were fortunate enough to receive one from [...]

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Disney’s Droid Factory Exclusives Update

With yesterday's announcement of the upcoming new Disney Droid Factory Astromech figure R2-H15 coming next week, we have updated our Droid Factory Build-a-Droid Guide. Star Wars Droid Factory “Exclusives” At Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015, Disney revealed their plans for exclusive Droid Factory figures. These figures come pre-assembled and are completely compatible with all other BADs. R2-D60 (May 2015) R2-D60 is unlike any other Astromech in the galaxy. As a spy for the Rebel Alliance, R2-D60 lives on Coruscant and serves different members of the Imperial Senate. His droid build is similar to other classic R-series droids, but features a frosted R2-style dome and a silver metallic paint finish. Join R2-D60 on his adventure across the galaxy. May the Force be with You...and your Droids! The [...]

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Your Force Friday Hasbro Checklist is Here!

We have teamed up with and Galaxy of Toys Podcast to bring you the most up-to-date Hasbro checklist for use during tonight's Midnight Madness. To download your copy for Force Friday click the link below! ForceFriday Hasbro Checklist Also don't forget Seattleites; Jake from will be appearing at the Tukwilia, Washington Toys ‘R’ Us where he will be providing physical copies of the #ForceFriday checklist for all in attendance. Joining him will be Criz Bee from, Tom Berges, Jason from Galaxy of Toys Podcast, Ryan Beise from Star Wars Collecting Cosmos, Gus Lopez from The Star Wars Collectors Archive, Amy Sjoberg from the Ewok Builders Club, YouTube's Star Geek and Paul from the Forcecast. We'll be there following fellow Seattleite and Star Wars [...]

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Rebels Figures: 10 and Counting

It took just about until Star Wars Rebels' mid-season break before most of the country was able to get their hands on many of the show's action figures and yet just as stores have filled their shelves we are already once again wanting more.  The small amount of actual Rebels figures available is a bit lacking. The first initial wave of Hasbro's Rebels-based line includes just 10 figures and 3 vehicles despite 12 carded figures, 5 Mission Series 2-packs, 1 exclusive and 6 vehicles shipping in the same assortments. The popularity of the animated series is very welcomed but a larger line of figures devoted to the new show would have been preferred over the numerous re-releases that have accompanied the line's debut. The Clone Wars series began with [...]

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The Black Series – Checklists and Pocket Guides

We have added two new checklists to our Collecting Resources page.  The Black Series, now entering its second iteration with its new TIE Fighter Pilot motif and use of blue and no longer orange in its packaging, has been added to our database.  Also new with these two is our debut of the Pocket Guide.  The Pocket Guide is our attempt to give you a checklist that is both printer friendly and presented on one page for a fairly easy and low-tech way to track your collection on the go. 2013 The Black Series 2014 The Black Series Pocket-Guide We are currently hard at work at updating and completing checklists from the more recent lines so look for more updates and additions in the weeks ahead.  But [...]

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