The Ghost HasLab Tier 1 Unlocked & Q&A Reveal

This past week the lastest Hasbro HasLab project, The Ghost, received two important updates. Firstly, the first tier of the project was unlocked and backers will now receive an exclusive carded Ezra Bridger figure. This brings The Ghost crew up to 2.5 as the HasLab will include a carded Hera, a carded Ezra and a Chopper dome built into the Phantom 2. The second update was made during this week's Hasbro Star Wars Brand Team Q&A. It was revealed that if the current HasLab reaches its third tier by the end of the campaign, which has just a week and a half to go, Hasbro will release Sabine and Chopper on mural cardbacks to complete the crew. Now these will be made available outside [...]

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Happy New Year! We are back after a long Winter break full of holiday celebrations and home construction. We are very excited to share in the upcoming months, are new toy room and studio and some new adventures coming this year. But first, we were happy to take part in Hasbro's latest Star Wars Brand Team interview. Below you will find the interview which skews heavily to TVC and Retro questions and provides some quality hints about what to expect this year in the 3 3/4" lines. Thanks for watching and make sure to subscribe as new content is coming to our YouTube channel this year.

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Star Wars Brand Team Q&A – Feb ’22

Yesterday we were able to sit down with Hasbro's Star Wars Brand Team for one of their quarterly Q&A sessions. We are joined by Bossk's Bounty, Victoria's Cantina, Coffee With Kenobi, Star Wars Action News, and You can watch the entire interview on our YouTube channel which is linked above. We were a part of Session #2 and will list the additional sessions and links as they are located below: Session #1: Star Wars: The Vintage Collection - Session #2: From4-LOMtoZuckuss - Session #2: Victoria's Cantina - Session #2: Boosk's Bounty - Session #3: Yodasnews - Session #4: SWTVC - Thank you again to Hasbro for always including us and we were happy to [...]

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Hasbro’s Star Wars Brand Team Q&A – April 2021

We were once again happy to be able to sit down virtually with the Hasbro Star Wars Brand Team for a Q&A session about the reveals from last week's Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest. Jake joined his fellow podcasters and fan media site runners in the 40-minute session. You can watch the entire interview on your official YouTube channel linked below! We were especially happy this session as the brand team actually provided answers to all of our questions and to many of the others asked as well. There were three or four interview sessions held this morning and will we make to post them below as they are released in order to keep all collectors up [...]

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Hasbro Star Wars Brand Team Interview – Feb ’21

Today we had the opportunity to sit down with members of Hasbro's Star Wars Brand Team, Patrick Schneider and Eric Franer. Jake was joined by our friend Dan Emmons of and fellow fan-media site contributors Jose from Endor System, @skeletonastronaut from Rebelscum, and Victoria from Victoria's Cantina. You can listen to the interview in podcast form by subscribing to The Sandcrawler on your favorite podcast feed. Or you can watch the video of the actual interview on our official YouTube channel as linked below!

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Hasbro’s Star Wars Brand Team Interview

Yesterday morning we had the privilege of sitting down with members of Hasbro's Star Wars Brand Team. and a few fellow fansites spoke with Patrick Schneider and Chris Reiff in an exclusive question and answer session over Zoom. While no specific revelations were made about upcoming figures it was nice to confirm there is more coming to the Retro Collection and that Hasbro has noticed the hunger fans have for The Vintage Collection and we want more from the line such as smaller vehicles, creatures, and mail aways we need to make our voices heard. In our session, the first of the day, we were joined by Star Wars Action News, Collectors Cantina, Kastors Korner, [...]

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Remembering Peter “The Wookiee Roars” Mayhew

We were very sad to hear the news of Peter Mayhew's passing on this past Tuesday. A true member of Star Wars royalty, the Chewbacca actor spent his life after the movies with his fans. He spent over 30 years on the convention circuit giving fans all over the world to meet the lovable Wookiee himself. We were shocked by his death as we saw him in the autograph area just weeks ago in Chicago at Star Wars Celebration and he was set to appear in Dallas this very weekend. Jake shares his memories of meeting Peter throughout the last 20 years: I had the pleasure of meeting Peter many times over the years and every time I  always walked away with a unique and [...]

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SDCC Interview with Hasbro’s Steve Evans

This past Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con, we were once again invited to speak with the Hasbro Brand Team for a short interview. A big thanks to action figure photographer extraordinaire Jason Yang (@workmoreorless on Instagram), for being our SDCC correspondent and thanks to Steve Evans, Hasbro’s Star Wars Design Director, for taking the time to chat with us! Below you will find the full transcript of the interview. We will be adding this to our 2017 SDCC Coverage with links as well to other Hasbro Star Wars Q&As done by many of our fellow collector sites, in the next day. But in the mean time, let us know what you think on our social pages! From4-LOMtoZuckuss: Will the Forces of Destiny Adventure Figure line [...]

Find Our “Collector Snapshot” on

Our very own Jake Stevens is the focus of's most recent "Collector Snapshot". Christian aka "Bobbybob" is the brainchild behind the blog that not only, "celebrates the collectors themselves" but also injects lots of positivity and education into the hobby.  As stated in the interview, Jake and Christian met officially at Celebration Anaheim but have been online friends for a while and you can find featured on our Surfing the Holonet (Online Resources) page. We want to thank Christian for the approaching for a snapshot and encourage any vintage Kenner collectors our there who have yet to discover to stop what you are doing and head there now to discover some amazing action figure collections! To check out Jake's interview simply hit the [...]

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Exclusive Interview with Christopher Pasatieri – Photographer and Graphic Designer

Star Wars action figures are awesome! More than just movie toys; they have been a staple in toy aisles for decades, become pop culture icons and are credited for jump-starting the collectability of action figure toys the world over. We here atFrom 4-LOM to Zuckuss appreciate what Lucasfilm, Kenner and Hasbro have created so much so that we have dedicated ourselves to covering all things Star Wars action figure related and that’s where you come in! We are seeking out those who share our passion, to share their thoughts and memories of playing with and collecting those amazing little figures from a galaxy far, far away. 4LOMKUSS: Christopher thanks so much for chatting with us. We like many others on the Facebooks this past week, [...]

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