Your Star Wars Guide for Washington State Summer Con 2019

Welcome to our Your Star Wars Guide to Washington State Summer Con! Our goal here is to set you up for having the most Star Wars-infused con experience possible!  Washington State Summer Con, which debuted last year under the name of Washington State Toy & Geek Fest, has raised the convention bar when it comes to movie and comic talent in the Pacific Northwest and especially if you are a Star Wars fan! They have loads of attractions for both young, old, casual and hardcore Star Wars fans! Here is where Star Wars fans can make sure they do not miss out on all the Star Wars fun the show has to offer. Now before heading to the convention make sure to head over the website where you [...]

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ECCC 2019 Wrap Up Coverage

With ECCC now a week behind us, we've finally had time to properly process this year's experience. As always, we view conventions through mostly Star Wars-tinted glasses and this year was a doozy. We, of course, have already indicated the massive amount of Star Wars opportunities at this year's show in our annual Guide to Star Wars at Emerald City Comic Con. What we forgot to mention was the incredible collaboration by the many costuming groups in the Seattle area. Star Wars: The Ultimate Experience was put on as a fundraiser for Seattle Children's Hospital and a great experience indeed for fans of any part of the Saga! For a quick tour of the exhibit, check out the video below:   A great feature about any [...]

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ECCC Star Wars Rebels Panel with Hera & Obi-Wan

On Friday at Emerald City Comic Con, James Arnold Taylor and Vanessa Marshall entertained fans with stories and voices during their mainstage panel "Star Wars Rebels". The voice actors shared stories from their work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Marshall who plays Rebel Hera Syndulla in Rebels and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny and Taylor, who has now played Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi for eighteen years, in Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, recounted stories from their work history on numerous show and films and took questions from the audience. We were front and center for the show, which you can listen to in its entirety right here: Before the panel, we visited the autograph at [...]

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Press Photos from Comic Con Paris

Today at Comic Con Paris, Hasbro revealed their latest new Black Series 6" figure. Keeping with their promise that 2019 would feature more Prequel Trilogy characters, Padme' Amidala from Attack of the Clones will be joining the collection in Spring of next year. Also revealed was the press photo of the Chewbacca that will be coming to The Vintage Collection next Spring as well. This figure was previously seen listed on the back of a TVC just last month. Hasbro has provided us with official press photos of both releases.

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New York Comic Con Coverage 2018

This year at New York Comic Con, the reveals began bright and early for the various Hasbro lines and Lucasfilm projects! Here is where we will collect all the coverage for the mega convention and provide you with all the Hasbro action figure new and Star Wars reveals! Wednesday - October 3rd, 2018 As fans were traveling and vendors and exhibitors were setting up for the annual event in New York City, director/actor Jon Favreau released on his social media feeds a tease of his upcoming live-action series which is currently in production. Thursday - October 4th, 2018 CNET began the reveals of the day with their exclusive look at a new Star Wars: Resistance 3 3/4" 5POA action figure line. Hasbro followed CNET's reveal with [...]

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2018 – What We’re Looking Forward To

As the first month of 2018 comes to a close, we come just one more month closer to the release of another Star Wars film. The fact that Solo: A Star Wars Solo is just a mere 114 days away is rather unbelievable as is still not knowing or seeing anything about the film beyond director Ron Howard’s Twitter and Instagram feeds. But, despite still being in the dark about the next standalone film, there is quite a bit we do know about 2018. The following is a breakdown of what we can look forward to this year in the life of being Star Wars fans and collector. As always, if there is something we have overlooked, let us know via email or on our [...]

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Your Star Wars Guide to Emerald City Comicon 2017

Each year around this time, Seattle plays host to one of the biggest comic conventions in the country. Emerald City Comicon which is now in its 15th year, brings out fandom of many different genres but of course, if you are reading this you most likely fall on the Star Wars side of fandom which is why are proud to once again present to you our fourth annual Your Star Wars Guide to Emerald City Comicon! As in years past, our goal is to help provide you with the most Star Wars-infused convention experience possible (outside of attending a Star Wars Celebration convention, which we will be in Orlando this April as well)! ECCC continues to grow each year and expand its offerings to fandom [...]

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“I’m a Star Wars Action Figure Collector” Celebration Swag #3

For those attending Star Wars Celebration Anaheim next week, you may have a chance to capture our third and final button giveaway!  This free C7 swag is the fourth in a series of our "I'm a Star Wars Action Figure Collector" buttons. The first was exclusive to last week's Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. The second and third versions will be available next Thursday exclusively at The Archive Party II sponsored by The Star Wars Collectors Archive and is produced in partnership with Tom Berges from The final version will be our main convention giveaway and will be handled out and traded for other swag during all four days of the con. Places (besides the Hasbro booth) where you will be able to track down Jake for a [...]

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Your Star Wars Guide for Emerald City Comicon 2015

It’s that time of the year when Seattle fills-up with cartoon characters, comic books and cosplay as 2015’s Emerald City Comicon kicks off this Friday. And once again, we here at have put together a guide to make sure that your trip to the con is packed full with content from a galaxy far, far away. This year Jake Stevens has once again teamed up with fellow Seattle Area Lucasfilm Collectors Club (SARLACC) members Gus Lopez (The Star Wars Collector Archive), Ryan Beise (Galaxy of Toys Podcast) and Chris Bortz ( to host a panel about the history of Star Wars action figures titled, “Star Wars Action Figures: Collect All 3000?!?”.  Stop in for an action figure history lesson or just to say hi to [...]

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Watch ECCC’s Panel “Collect All 3000?!?”

In case you missed it or weren't able to attend Emerald City Comicon last weekend, you can now watch our panel Star Wars Action Figures "Collect All 3000?!?" on Youtube thanks to Jason from Galaxy of Toys Podcast. The panel, which covered the history of Star Wars action figures, was jointly created with the expertise of four lifelong Star Wars collectors. Ryan Beise from Galaxy of Toys Podcast,  Gus Lopez from The Star Wars Collectors Archive, Chris Bortz from and From 4-LOM to Zuckuss's very own Jake Stevens, spoke to a filled standing-room only hall where many were turned away due to capacity.   Pictured above are the exclusive pins each panelist created for the ECCC event. A big thanks goes out to those who attended and to all [...]

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