What started with an ebay auction of a single 3 3/4″ Kylo Ren figure turned into a day full of leaked action figure reveals. Flooding social media today, the following are the photos that appeared from @ChuckDukas and others throughout Twitter and Facebook.

So far there are 12 basic figures which feature a combiner feature. As it appears in Aurebesh, “COMBINE FOREST GEAR” is written below each combiner piece. The figures appear to follow the Snow/Desert/Jungle/Space themes rumored a few months ago.

All but one of the characters featured in the first wave have been seen before. The exception would be Constable Zuvio who made his debut today.


Also revealed today were 8 Armored figures. Each comes with what we speculate to be Expanded Universe (Legends for newer fans) pieces and will not appear in the film. These too are color coded to reflect an environment from the films.

As we spent hours pouring of over these photos we came to the realization that Hasbro may be tapping into their roots. With a closer look at Poe and his armor we taken right back to Kenner’s Centurions line of figures where figures donned over-sized gear to do battle.


As we await the next batch of leaks, we must say that we are extremely happy with Hasbro’s offerings and are very happy they have made good on their claim to make their 5POA figures as expertly detailed and some of their best sculpts.

Until more #ForceFriday leaks,

May the Figures be with you!