Galaxy of Toys – Episode 105: D23 and More Power of the Force 2

The latest episode of Galaxy of Toys Podcast is now out and features the announcements from D23 and a second round of releases from The Power of Force 2 line of action figures. Join host Jason Luttrull and his trusty co-hosts Matt Fox (the OG This Week in Star Wars), Ryan Beise (YouTube’s MrByZ), Chris Moorehead, Jake Stevens (, and returning co-host, the OT Curmudgeon, Tom Berges ( as they take you figure by figure through POTF2! On this episode we give our thoughts on the latest Star Wars trailers shown at Disney's 2022 D23 Expo.  We also get back to our Power of the Force 2 retrospective and discuss the figures released at the end of 1995 through early 1996. For questions or comments please email [...]

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Toy Armada with Aaron Archer

We are delighted to have discovered recently the new toy podcast Toy Armada with Aaron Archer! What makes this podcast unique is that Archer was a toy designer for over twenty years with Kenner and then Hasbro. This show provides behind the scenes of some of our favorite lines and figures.   The Toy Armada with Aaron Archer Episode 1 - Kenner Star Wars Power of the Force / Kenner Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace Behind the Scenes. We dive into the origin of Star Wars Power of the Force, the early beginnings of Star Wars Episode 1 as a toy line, why Comm Tech was used and the time line leading up to the Phantom Menace movie debut Hosted by Aaron Archer [...]

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Geek. Dad. Life’s Toy Geeks – Best Toy Maker of the 90’s

A few weeks ago we had the distinct pleasure of lending our thoughts to Geek. Dad. Life's latest debate on who the best toy maker of the 90's was. Host Jay Glatfelter took on Toy Anxiety's Ryan Doell with moderation from co-host John and Yes Have Some's Craig Goldberg in a no-holds-barred debate between Playmates and Toy Biz. Many opinions were offered from various ToyTubers and we were honored to be asked to toss our thoughts into the ring (spoiler - we went all in for Hasbro). You can join in on the fun by watching in the link below!

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Galaxy of Toys Podcast – Episode 103: 1995 The Power of the Force 2 Figures & Vehicles

On this episode of Galaxy of Toys Podcast, the hosts finally move beyond vintage Star Wars collecting! The Power of the Force 2 line debuted in 1995 and was met with great excitement by new and old collectors. Tune in as Tom Berges from returns to talk modern action figures with host Jason and co-hosts Matt, Chris, Ryan, and Jake. On this episode we reminisce and discuss the early days of the modern Star Wars 3&3/4" action figure line from Kenner/Hasbro. Please send comments and questions to

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Hasbro PulseCon ’21 Exclusives Press Release

We are beyond excited to share with you three exclusives coming to Hasbro PulseCon 2021 happening later this year! These three sets include items fans have been asking for for awhile. Dave Filoni, Papa George's Padawan, joins the list of Star Wars creators to be cast in action figure form. Joining Wolf in 6" form is a remake of The Power of the Force Cantina Showdown with all-new sculpts of not only Ponda Boba and Dr. Evazan but also the cantina bar with has now been featured in A New Hope, The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian. And speaking of The Power of the Force, it has been since the '90s that we received an Emperor's throne in 3 3/4" scale. As stated previously, all [...]

Black Series LFL 50th Power of the Force 2 Figures

We are absolutely thrilled with bringing you this Hasbro reveal as part of the Star Wars Fan Celebration Event! Continuing the 50th anniversary of Lucasfilm campaign in the Black Series, the 6" figure line can now add The Power of the Force 2 card back to its ever-growing sublines of figures. Today we get the pleasure to show Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Greedo (all in their less bulky forms) which will all be up for preorder tomorrow, Friday, June 18th at 1 pm EST on Hasbro Pulse and shopDisney! Hasbro's Star Wars Brand Team Product Designer Eric Franer had this to say about the figures: "As we continue to celebrate Lucasfilm’s 50th Anniversary, we wanted to get the iconic Power of The Force packaging [...]

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Cardboard Galaxy’s POTF2 Commemorative Display

We just couldn't let our last month's 25th Anniversary of The Power of the Force 2 celebration end without adding one more piece to the collection to commemorate the anniversary. Our friends over at Cardboard Galaxy have created a great piece that pays tribute to the beginning of the modern line. The POTF2 Commemorative Display Stand for Hasbro Kenner Star Wars 3.75 Figures is a well-constructed diorama and display stand that can be set-up in one of two ways. This "cardboard" display can be arranged on your shelf both with or without the classic "25 Years" header. The background of the display features the designs and space battle scene that was originally featured on the Froot Loops box that included the mailaway offer for [...]

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Celebrating 25 Years of POTF2

August officially rings in the 25th Anniversary of The Power of the Force line, now affectionately referred to as POTF2. The line, which adopted its name from the final Kenner Star Wars line from 1985, is the beginning of the modern era of Star Wars action figure collecting. Even though other lines from companies like Justoys, Galoob, and Out of Character existed, Hasbro (then using the Kenner brand name they purchased a few years prior) brought Star Wars toys to the masses in a way only paralleled by Kenner itself in the '70s and '8os. The Power of the Force line was a rich, deep, and robust action figure line. For years now the line has received criticism due to the figures (temporarily) having [...]

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The Sandcrawler – Episode #95: Power of the Force Cinema Scenes

The Sandcrawler podcast is back with a healthy dose of action figure therapy! Episode #95 begins a look at The Power of the Force 2 Cinema Scene line and the great variety of figures within the 13 sets. Join hosts Mac Tarkin and Dengar Dan along with Jake Stevens for an episode that is an action figure oasis of Star Wars collecting fun! We managed to get this show to you despite numerous technical difficulties including no video for a promised YouTube segment (sorry, eh?).  What did we manage to bring you? A huge I Wanted Everything featuring a very emotional Mac finding a replacement for a special childhood Star Wars toy.  We then dive into part one of our look at the Cinema Scene [...]

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The Sandcrawler Episode #92: POTF Expanded Universe and Deluxe Vehicles

The Sandcrawler is back for not only another new episode but for another walk down memory lane with the infamous Power of the Force 2  line from the '90s. Join the hosts and returning guest host Jake Stevens as talk of The Clones Wars, new Hasbro reveals and our recent quarantine projects. Tune in and let us know what you think on our socials! Coming to you from our various isolation bunkers in Massachusetts, Ontario & Washington State we are very glad to bring you another dose of Action Figure Therapy! Jake Stevens returns as we talk about what we’ve been doing the past month or so, some of us have been chilling at home and some of us have been working 7 days a week [...]

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