The Ghost Crew High-Res Images

With just a few days left in The Ghost HasLab campaign, Hasbro has reached out with to us with new images of all four figures offered with The Ghost. At the time of publication, only Hera and Erza are unlocked as crowdfund has only received 12.6K backers of the 17K needed for all four figures. If you have yet to back The Ghost, this will be the final time this vehicle or these figures on these cardbacks will ever be offered. If you have already backed The Ghost, like we did, then spread the word for a final push to complete the Rebels team on mural cardbacks. You have until September 6th at 9PM PST to get your order in for this amazing vehicle form [...]

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The Ghost HasLab Tier 1 Unlocked & Q&A Reveal

This past week the lastest Hasbro HasLab project, The Ghost, received two important updates. Firstly, the first tier of the project was unlocked and backers will now receive an exclusive carded Ezra Bridger figure. This brings The Ghost crew up to 2.5 as the HasLab will include a carded Hera, a carded Ezra and a Chopper dome built into the Phantom 2. The second update was made during this week's Hasbro Star Wars Brand Team Q&A. It was revealed that if the current HasLab reaches its third tier by the end of the campaign, which has just a week and a half to go, Hasbro will release Sabine and Chopper on mural cardbacks to complete the crew. Now these will be made available outside [...]

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Imperial Rocket Trooper Press Release

In a surprise Thursday reveal, Hasbro Pulse's Instagram account announced the next figure in GameStop's ongoing Gaming Greats line of Black Series figures. The Imperial Rocket Trooper is a repaint of the Imperial Jumptrooper figure which was featured in Star Wars: Rebels a released a few years ago. This deco of course has its origin in Battlefront II and is, like all TBS Gaming Greats, exclusive to the video game retailer. Hasbro has provided us the official press release and images which you can find below! STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES GAMING GREATS 6-INCH IMPERIAL ROCKET TROOPER Figure (HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/Available: Summer 2021) Fans and collectors can imagine exciting moments from the STAR WARS Galaxy with this premium STAR WARS: [...]

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New Black Series Packaging Press Release

This past Thursday, Hasbro surprised fans and collectors with not only a reveal of the new Black Seris packaging that will debut this fall but also two full waves of presales including a new deluxe Zeb and his now PhotoReal Rebels crew. Hasbro has provided us with both information and images of the new figures which are now up for pre-order at Hasbro Pulse and other online retailers. HASBRO STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES UPDATED PACKAGING 2020 ONE SHEET The new Star Wars: The Black Series packaging featured below welcomes a new era for collectors and fans, featuring several new details and colorways. Each colorway represents a Star Wars entertainment property and helps fans to collect figures based on their favorite Star Wars movies and [...]

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ECCC Star Wars Rebels Panel with Hera & Obi-Wan

On Friday at Emerald City Comic Con, James Arnold Taylor and Vanessa Marshall entertained fans with stories and voices during their mainstage panel "Star Wars Rebels". The voice actors shared stories from their work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Marshall who plays Rebel Hera Syndulla in Rebels and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny and Taylor, who has now played Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi for eighteen years, in Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, recounted stories from their work history on numerous show and films and took questions from the audience. We were front and center for the show, which you can listen to in its entirety right here: Before the panel, we visited the autograph at [...]

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TOY RUN: The SDCC ’17 Episodes

Episode 69 of Toy Run features the Hasbro Star Wars panel from San Diego Comic Con 2017. Thank you to Jason Yang (Star Wars action figure photographer @WorkMoreOrLess on Instagram) and Ryan Beise from the Galaxy Of Toys and Galactic Cosmos podcasts for providing this week's audio. Episode 70 of Toy Run features two interviews which were recorded with Hasbro's Star Wars Brand Team during San Diego Comic Con 2017. The first interview was conducted by Ryan Beise on behalf of and the second interview was carried out by Jason Yang on behalf of Continuing their convention coverage this week, Jake and Criz Bee are joined by their Galaxy of Toys co-hosts, Jason Luttrull and Ryan Beise, to breakdown all of the Hasbro [...]

SDCC Interview with Hasbro’s Steve Evans

This past Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con, we were once again invited to speak with the Hasbro Brand Team for a short interview. A big thanks to action figure photographer extraordinaire Jason Yang (@workmoreorless on Instagram), for being our SDCC correspondent and thanks to Steve Evans, Hasbro’s Star Wars Design Director, for taking the time to chat with us! Below you will find the full transcript of the interview. We will be adding this to our 2017 SDCC Coverage with links as well to other Hasbro Star Wars Q&As done by many of our fellow collector sites, in the next day. But in the mean time, let us know what you think on our social pages! From4-LOMtoZuckuss: Will the Forces of Destiny Adventure Figure line [...]

Thrawn’s SDCC Exclusive Easter Eggs

With San Diego Comic Con 2017 now just one month away, we thought we would take a closer look at the upcoming 6" Black Series exclusive. This figure exclusive was announced back in April at during Hasbro's Star Wars Celebration panel. To hear the actual announcement from Celebration Orlando 2017, check out Episode 55 of TOY RUN below. This figure will join fellow Star Wars Rebels characters Kanan Jarrus, Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren in 6" form. Thrawn himself, while making his new cannon debut this season in the Rebels animated show, actually is a product of the early 90's and a key character in bringing about the renaissance of Star Wars with his original debut in the Heir of the Empire novel from Timothy Zahn.  Zahn [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 58 – Rogue One Wave 4 Review Show

On this week’s episode, your hosts Criz Bee and Jake Stevens review the latest four new figures which make up the final wave of Rogue One’s 3 ¾” action figure line. They provide their thoughts about the Hasbro Fan Figure Vote finalist, share their pursuit of the second wave of 40th Anniversary Collection 6” figures and as always bring you the weekly toy rundown of the news. All this and more in Episode 58 of TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast! Listen today and subscribe! Show Notes Buy Wave 2 Of 40th Anniversary 6" Figures Now Fan Figure Vote Round Up Fan Figure Vote Winner Discuss "How To Fix Hasbro's Fan Vote" 40th Anniversary Commercial Star Wars Celebration Orlando Collector Panels Online Disney [...]

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Kenner Cameo Updates: Star Wars Rebels

It's no secret that the Filoni and the crew behind Star Wars Rebels are huge vintage action figure fans.  We have reported in the past on Kenner's Yoda being an influence in the designs of his Rebels counterpart.  But with Season 3 coming to close this weekend, we thought it was time to add each of the Kenner nods that have appeared in the last three years of the series to The Kenner Cameo Chronology. And since the show reintroduced the Imperial Troop Transport to the Star Wars universe, we have also added each of its appearances, which we have previously outlined in our "37 Years of Imperial Troop Transport History and Restoration" article. Now before we begin, there is one more reference that we [...]

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