Welcome 12″ Figures to the Site

We are happy to announce the addition of the modern line of 12" action figures to the site! We're working on adding the vintage and early Hasbro Collector Series lines as well to the site as well as the 6" lines (yes we said lines). We are even attempting to collect more information about the 2" line of figures from Episode I which we so highly covet. But to get us started on our non-3 3/4" figure coverage, we are starting with the understandably least popular line of 12" action figures (even though we dig them) the Hero Series assortment. From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com Presents: Star Wars 12” Action Figure "Hero Series" Checklist At about the same time that Disney began reducing the articulation of their 3 3/4" line of action [...]

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2013 Movie Heroes (Action Figure Checklist)

From 4-LOM to Zuckuss presents the next in a new series of Action Figure Checklists.  This checklist represents one-of-everything Hasbro originally intended for retail within its 2013 Movie Heroes action figure line.  This line was initially intended to coincide with Lucasfilm's release of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones in 3-D, hence it's Yoda-themed packaging, but with the sale of Star Wars to Disney, the film's re-release was cancelled.  Although attendees Celebration Europe II were treated to an exclusive screening. The following is the basis for our Retail Checklists: This list does not include any loose or package variants Each toy will be broken down into the following 8 categories, when applicable: Basic Figures, Deluxe Figures, Multipacks, Creatures, Vehicles, Playsets, Accessories and Mail-Aways. All names/descriptions listed are taken from [...]

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The Star Wars Action Figure Class of 2013

As we prepare for our end of the year review we have put together a list of every action figure and related accessory released during the past calendar year.  How many did you buy or didn't buy?  Did you collect'em all?  What figures were you excited about and which ones were a let down.  Let us know on our Facebook page! And now without further ado From 4-LOM to Zuckuss presents the Star Wars Action Figure Class of 2013! Movie Heroes (Yoda “Episode II 3D”) Basic Figures - International Exclusives MH01  Darth Vader MH02  Anakin Skywalker MH03  Obi-Wan Kenobi MH04  Battle Droid MH05  R2-D2 MH06  Jango Fett MH07  Darth Maul MH08  Yoda MH09  Sandtrooper Deluxe Class 1 Fleet Vehicles 501st Legion AT-RT ARF Trooper TX-21 Tactical Droid) [...]

Hasbro Cardbacks – 10 Styles and Counting

    As new product has finally begun to reach store shelves, collectors are seeing two new styles of Star Wars action figure cardbacks.  In celebration of the release of The Black Series and Saga Legends series, From 4-LOM to Zuckuss is taking you on a brief look back at the different cardback styles of yesterday and today. 1)      “Classic” Style The “classic” style of cardback (established in 1978) set the standard for Star Wars action figure cardbacks with its rectangle 9” x 6” shape.  This is the only style of cardback that does not feature a J-hook type hanger but instead an isolated peg hole.  This is the most widely used and most popular style of cardback. Series to feature this style: Star Wars, The Empire [...]

Fan Club Mags’ July Action Figure Content!

Titan Magazines, publisher of the official Star Wars fan club magazines, features action figure content in both of their most recent releases.  In issue 142 (July 2013) of the Star Wars Insider an amazing action figure display is featured in their "Bantha Tracks" section.  The Leffrew family has artistically created a beautiful and playable Star Wars action figure display. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine includes an offer for a free Star Wars action figure.  In issue 18 (July/August 2013) the offer states that with a year's subscription to the magazine for $26.99, you will receive a free Star Wars: The Clone Wars figure at a $9.99 value.  As only loose pics of TCW figures are pictured, it's unclear as to what TCW series these  figures will be [...]

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Lucasfilm Infinities

This week many online retail stores have put up for pre-sell the first waves of The Black Series and the Saga Legends series.  Exciting as it is to soon have new figures to hunt; we here at 4LOMKUSS.COM are asking the question - where would we be right now if Lucasfilm had not sold the Star Wars franchise to the Walt Disney Company.  Check out below as we compare where we could have gone this year (Infinities) with the reality of where we are!  2013 Infinities Spring Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones 3-D in theaters Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones 3-D “Yoda” Movie Heroes and The Clone Wars action figure series release Summer  Star Wars Build-a-Droid series release – [...]

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