The Star Wars Action Figure Class of 2013

As we prepare for our end of the year review we have put together a list of every action figure and related accessory released during the past calendar year.  How many did you buy or didn't buy?  Did you collect'em all?  What figures were you excited about and which ones were a let down.  Let us know on our Facebook page! And now without further ado From 4-LOM to Zuckuss presents the Star Wars Action Figure Class of 2013! Movie Heroes (Yoda “Episode II 3D”) Basic Figures - International Exclusives MH01  Darth Vader MH02  Anakin Skywalker MH03  Obi-Wan Kenobi MH04  Battle Droid MH05  R2-D2 MH06  Jango Fett MH07  Darth Maul MH08  Yoda MH09  Sandtrooper Deluxe Class 1 Fleet Vehicles 501st Legion AT-RT ARF Trooper TX-21 Tactical Droid) [...]

Amazon’s Droid Factory “Mini-Series” Hightlights

When the Droid Factory line, last seen in the Legacy Collection of 2010, was cancelled many collectors were sad to see it go.  The build-a-droid feature was a great way to obtain droid figures whom would most likely never would have been carded by Hasbro due to their obscurity and it was a better bang for collectors buck.  For every 4 or 6 figures purchased you would get an extra figure for free.  The build-a-droid feature disappeared from retail stores but took on a life of its own at Disney parks and stores.  Disney took the idea of building droids (specifically astromechs) and gave visitors to the parks the ability to create literally thousands of versions of droids out of 71 different parts.  Now for [...]

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SDCC ’13 In-Depth Hasbro Review

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 has now come to a close and we here at From 4-LOM to Zuckuss are taking a look at what we learned.  Hasbro’s Star Wars panel this year consisted of equal parts revelations and confirmations.  And as expected due the close scheduling of Celebration Europe 2 left some questions unanswered.  Friday’s hour long panel began with the first thirty minutes devoted to Angry Birds merchandise leaving only about 25 minutes for the multiple action figure lines.  Confirmations In the weeks leading up to SDCC multiple items were previewed/revealed by various sites online such as and  Most of these items were confirmed by Hasbro in their presentation.  The following items were officially announced: X-Wing Fighter This The Vintage Collection vehicle [...]

The Lost Figures of Hasbro SDCC 2012

As we impatiently wait for this Friday’s San Diego Comic-Con Hasbro Star Wars panel we thought we would take a moment to look back at last year’s SDCC panel. In 2012, Hasbro announced the return of the Build-a-Droid concept in their new Droid Factory Legacy Collection. This series was to feature two (2) Build-a-Droids per wave and the first two waves were announced.  Now we all know that these plans did not stay in place due to a handful of factors: change in guard at Lucasfilm, cancellation of Episodes II and III in 3-D, over-produced Episode I 3-D products filling the shelves, retailers not ordering new product and so on.  These factors led to new figures being released exclusively outside of the US, some exclusively [...]

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Lucasfilm Infinities

This week many online retail stores have put up for pre-sell the first waves of The Black Series and the Saga Legends series.  Exciting as it is to soon have new figures to hunt; we here at 4LOMKUSS.COM are asking the question - where would we be right now if Lucasfilm had not sold the Star Wars franchise to the Walt Disney Company.  Check out below as we compare where we could have gone this year (Infinities) with the reality of where we are!  2013 Infinities Spring Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones 3-D in theaters Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones 3-D “Yoda” Movie Heroes and The Clone Wars action figure series release Summer  Star Wars Build-a-Droid series release – [...]

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