Titan Magazines, publisher of the official Star Wars fan club magazines, features action figure content in both of their most recent releases.  In issue 142 (July 2013) of the Star Wars Insider an amazing action figure display is featured in their “Bantha Tracks” section.  The Leffrew family has artistically created a beautiful and playable Star Wars action figure display.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine includes an offer for a free Star Wars action figure.  In issue 18 (July/August 2013) the offer states that with a year’s subscription to the magazine for $26.99, you will receive a free Star Wars: The Clone Wars figure at a $9.99 value.  As only loose pics of TCW figures are pictured, it’s unclear as to what TCW series these  figures will be coming from.  With Star Wars: The Clone Wars action figures having gone through 5 different card backed series it could be a difficult to predict what one might get.  But with Titan Magazine being a UK company, their might be an off chance that they could be the much sought after Yoda card backs which were released exclusively outside of the United States.


To play the odds and subscribe to this magazine to see which figure you get click the pic above to head to the official website.

If you have already purchased a subscription with this offer, please let us know which figure and card back you received by posting on our official page at