We are happy to announce the addition of the modern line of 12″ action figures to the site! We’re working on adding the vintage and early Hasbro Collector Series lines as well to the site as well as the 6″ lines (yes we said lines). We are even attempting to collect more information about the 2″ line of figures from Episode I which we so highly covet. But to get us started on our non-3 3/4″ figure coverage, we are starting with the understandably least popular line of 12″ action figures (even though we dig them) the Hero Series assortment.

From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com Presents:

Star Wars 12” Action Figure “Hero Series” Checklist

At about the same time that Disney began reducing the articulation of their 3 3/4″ line of action figures down to 5POA (five points of articulation) they also reintroduced 12″omni_1981_montage_1 Star Wars figures to the toy aisles. But unlike the 12″ lines that came before these figures like the 3 3/4″ figures featured only 5POA. This lack of possibility caused many fans to nickname these figures as “Shampoo Bottles” in reference to Omni Cosmetic Products’ line of early 80’s Star Wars shampoos.

The debut line was very small much like most lines of early 2013 as the packaging (featuring Yoda from Attack of the Clones) was designed prior to the cancellation of Episode II in 3D by Star Wars’ new owners The Walt Disney Company. The Saga Legends line added just four more characters to the line and one talking deluxe figure. The Rebels line in 2014 is when the line really expanded and even included scaled-down vehicles but with extremely limited movable parts (1POA).

Although while the release of The Force Awakens line of 12″ figures did not increase the lines points of articulation it did vastly improve their sculpts. The line also added scaled vehicle for 12″ figures to drive into battle in. Now the future of the 12″ line is yet to be seen but it appears more talking and interactive figures are on the horizon.

To visit the checklist head to Collecting Resources above or click the pic below!


We expect to hear some news at this weekend’s New York Toy Fair so make sure to check back this weekend for updates!

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