On an outing to catch Disney’s latest animated film adaptation, Dumbo, with the kids, we new to keep a very special eye out in case the latest Toy Story 4 trailer played. We give full credit to the eagle-eyed Dan The Pixar Fan and the numerous folks that gave us the heads up on this cameo. As That Junkman points out, the appearance of two Kenner action figures happens at time-code 1:38 in the trailer which is yet another Star Wars nod.



For those well-versed in the vintage line, there is no mistaking the white hear and brown cape of a Kenner Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi.


And as for his “friend”, could the inclusion of a Kenner Walrus Man be foreshadowing as to what type of establishment Bo is entering?


Now what we are most curious about is the merchandising opportunities this could open up for the Toy Story 4 line and/or the upcoming Target exclusive Retro Collection where Hasbro is releasing figures based on vintage Kenner figures.

While it would be a long-shot, you can’t blame us for wishing to see these figures released as they would fit right in with the Retro Collection figures coming this May.



We look forward to seeing more from these toys in Toy Story 4 when it hits theaters on June 21st. Until then, we will add this appearance to our Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! filmography!