Last Saturday we began our countdown of the 75 days left until the premiere of The Force Awakens. We are celebrating this highly anticipated next episode of the Star Wars Saga by opening a different action figure, vehicle and/or accessory every day until December 18th. With each figure opened we offer a brief review and rating to accompany the pictures we post. All reviews are posted first to our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) but will be rounded up here on the site each week as well. Now obviously with more days remaining than unopened figures available from the new figure line, we’ll be supplementing from time to time with figures from past lines who have been screaming at us to be released from their plastic and cardboard surroundings.

Week 1 Roundup

Day 1 Figure Review:

droidsTo start it all off we chose the two characters whose eyes were meant to guide us through the Saga. R2-D2 and C-3PO have appeared in every Star Wars film and nearly every television show and figure line. With just a few enhancements here and there they have typically remained unchanged. TFA shows 3PO boasting a new red arm which sounds as if it will be explained in the upcoming C-3PO comic book one-shot.

As figures go, these are part of the 5POA line and offer basic paint decos. R2 sports a massive what we are assuming EU missile launcher with missiles whose electricity tips are removable. According to the package the droids appear to still be in the service of the Princess in the upcoming film.

All in all we’d give this set a 2 out of three Death Stars.

Day 2 Figure Review:

12074551_408431562689493_4921986547660534021_nThe Resistance Trooper is part of the basic line of figures from The Force Awakens series. This basic line includes a Build-a-Weapon feature which can be combined with other figures. This particular figure’s turret blaster accessory combines with the FO TIE Pilot and Poe Dameron figures to create an upright weapon turret.

The Resistance Trooper, whom at this point prior to seeing the film could be considered a troop builder, includes a very simple paint application. Consisting of four major colors, this figure may be a good candidate for updating by repainting in the future.

His outfit is a fairly new concept for Rebellion fashion (if they are one in the same). He includes 5 points of articulation which does feature a ball jointed head which makes for a bit more possibility.

Overall this figure at this point is not extremely exciting as we have little context for his character or faction. He could be as iconic as Rebel Fleet Troopers or as blah as Bespin Security Guards. We are going to give this figure at 1.5 Death Stars out of 3 as we would have loved to have seen his visor as a separate transparent piece but perhaps next time.

Day 3 Figure Review:

11059903_408937859305530_9047731500702334922_nToday’s figure centers around the standout character from The Force Awakens, BB-8. This “2-pack” is technically a 3-pack and a part of the line of figures previously called Mission Series. With every figure, set and vehicle released so far from the new movie line, this set too is color coded to reflect the scene or environment it is from. This desert set includes not only Poe Dameron’s Astromech Droid but what appears to be his two captures, an Unkar’s Thug and a Jakku Scavenger. Now we have already learned Teedo’s name from EW’s images from a few months ago but the thug is newly revealed to be working for Unkar Plutt according to the packaging.

BB-8 includes a ball-jointed and swivel head (2POA) where as the other two figures both include 5POA. The thug’s articulation is very restrictive as his robes do not allow his legs to even enter a sitting position and his head swivels just slightly to the left and right. Teedo appears to be a little green alien and has wrappings similar to that of a Tusken Raider.

The accessories included are a blaster, staff, a missile launcher, 2 missiles and a net. The missile launcher is extremely larger and despite having a handle it is nearly impossible for a figure to hold it especially when it is loaded. The net can easily be removed from the missiles and can even be wrapped around BB like the image on the packaging.

Overall this set has some great value and the figures are very reminiscent of the Quality of the Episode 1 line. We give it 2.5 out of 3 Death Stars.

 Day 4 Figure Countdown Review:

12106952_409160252616624_451409652324385127_nFrom the product selection so far from The Force Awakens it appears the new trilogy isn’t taking it slow when it comes revealing or developing new armor for its baddies. The First Order TIE Fighter Pilot is one of many updated Imperials in this line. This specific figure hails from the basic Build-a-Weapon assortment. It includes an accessory that appears to be a pilot’s chair with waist harness. It is meant to attach to Poe Dameron and the Resistance Trooper’s pack-ins to form an upright turret.

This figure’s updated design is very nice. The fig features 5POA but with his helmet hose connecting to his chest this limits his head’s movability. This figure appears to be a different pilot than is featured in the teaser trailers which is apparent by the lack of color on his helmet. This pilot features very little color other than the deco on his chest box and the First Order cogs on his shoulders.

This figure is solid in its stance and looks great. We give it a 2 out of 3 Death Stars and look forward to a probable paint job variants in the future.

Day 5 Figure Countdown Review:

12122671_409378369261479_783527405702993415_nToday’s figure, Poe Dameron, comes from The Force Awakens deluxe line of figures. This line entitled Armor Up features character specific armor which snaps over the figure’s torso. Dameron according to the trailers and packaging is an elite pilot so it makes sense that he comes with an accessory that appears to be a fighter pilot suit with a jet pack attached.

As for as the figure goes, Poe is a very simple figure, especially in these days prior to seeing the film and of not having seen him in action. His uniform, and that of Finn’s as well, resembles Luke’s ceremonial gear which is a nice nod to continuity but when if comes to exciting or fresh designs, this figure falls a bit flat. The sculpt of Poe’s face also leaves a bit to be desired as the figure lacks some accuracy.

This pilot features 5 points of articulation which is on par with the entire TFA line of figures. His paint apps are fair and he comes with a clean appearance free of any battle damage or dirt. Because of his occupation as a pilot, Dameron is packaged in dark blue to represent the characters connection to space.

Overall we’d give this figure a 2 out of 3 Death Stars because we feel he looks great in his armor.

Day 6 Countdown Figure Review:

12096138_409616505904332_9203147091986140167_nToday’s review centers around the misunderstood Constable Zuvio! This figure along with the Resistance Trooper has become the reluctant peg warmer of the TFA line but we believe he is destined for brighter days. The figure sports some very iconic colors on his helmet (ala Boba Fett) which adds some mystery to this character. The back of his card paints him as a good guy trying to keep the peace a some planet although despite being is desert themed packaging the make no reference to Jakku (or Tatooine).

Zuvio features 5POA and is part of the build-a-weapon line in which accessories are combined to form larger weapons. His battle axes accessory are a bit much for the poor constable to hold without a stand but if you remove the top bladed section from the handles they become much more handy for the peacekeeper.

This figure comes packaged with a spear and removable backpack which despite having a peg that fits into the hole on his back, the designers also sculpted dents into his sides for the “straps” to sit in. This looses some ascetics when he is backpackless.

With such a potentially cool description on the cardback, Zuvio’s peg warming may be behind him come mid-December. We give this figure 2 out of 3 Death Stars as he is unique within the Star Wars universe.

Day 7 Countdown Figure Review:

12079166_409863779212938_6902655797256284439_nAs our first week of reviews rounds out we are finishing it up with the First Order’s Flametrooper. This Imperial (?) is a new addition to their forces as this division of trooper has yet to be seen on celluloid. This trooper has a unique look of those of the past yet feels like party of the Imp family.

This particular Flametrooper is part of the build-a-weapon series of basic Force Awakens figures. He (?) comes with an accessory that is suppose to act as a shield but most looks bulky and awkward when on his arm. His tank is removable from his back and fits snug when attached. His flamethrower attaches to his tank quite well but is mostly limited to being in his right hand as his fuel line attaches only to the right side of the tank.

Like all figures in The Force Awakens line this figure features 5 points of articulation and like most First Order characters offers a very simple color pallet of white and black. The sculpt of this is class 5POA but being a Flametrooper who in stills and in concept would hold his flamethrower with two hands leaves a little to be desired. We give this figure 1.5 out of 3 Death Stars partly because his stance is a bit off and causes problems keeping him on his feet.

Until next time,

May the Figures be with you!