While today we are exactly one month away from Triple Force Friday, today is also the 4th anniversary of the very first #ForceFriday. September 4th, 2015 was the official release of The Force Awakens merchandise. The build up to the event was on par with The Phantom Menace back in May of 1999!

The current form of #ForceFriday began 4-years-ago but the idea behind it began in 1999 with Toys ‘R’ Us’s Midnight Madness. To date, there have been the following celebrations of new movie merch:

Midnight Madness

  • May 1999 – The Phantom Menace
  • May 2002 – Attack of the Clones
  • April  2005 – Revenge of the Sithmay-073-1024x807
  • August 2008 – The Clone Wars


  • September 2015 – The Force Awakens


  • September 2016 – Rogue One


  • September 2017 – The Last Jedi


  • April 2018 – Solo

Triple Force Friday

  • October 2019 – The Rise of Skywalker


Now while some of the Disney-era release dates have been more supported than others (sorry Solo), there has been lots of excitement each time about the release of the new toys. 2015’s release date was quite the epic event and 100’s of people lined up at Targets, Toys ‘R’ Us and Wal*Marts across the country and world to be the first to get some of the new Sequel era toys. In honor of that major event and in anticipation of the next one, we have put together a list of links and images looking back on the first #ForceFriday from four years ago today.

The Madness is Coming! #ForceFriday Roundup

Hasbro’s Countdown to Force Friday


Episode VII Figure Leaks and Thoughts

#ForceFriday Preview on Galaxy of Toys

Hasbro’s #ForceFriday Launch Press Release

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Hasbro’s Exclusives Press Release & Images

The Fan Force Was Strong On Force Friday










While we are still coming to terms with the possibility of there being no 3 3/4″ line for The Rise of Skywalker this year, we are still looking forward to all of the new merchandise which is set to hit stores in one month. While some items have begun to leak already like the Galaxy of Adventures 5″ animated figures and The Vintage Collection’s Luke Ceremonial, we are sure much more is coming our way on October 4th for Triple Force Friday!

Until then,

May the Figures be with you!