cwrs_key_002_hThe circle is now complete! What started on a Friday in October 2008 officially ended this past Friday. After almost 5 1/2 years, Star Wars: The Clone Wars came to a close with the debut of The Lost Missions.  As most fans of the series did, I too sat down and binge watched all 13 episodes late into the night.  Throughout the 4 hour and 45 minute marathon I took notes documenting my thoughts and digestion of each episode.  Here for those thoughts which come proceeded with the obvious “spoiler alert”:

~ Please note: the streaming thoughts below were spoiler-free and include opinions, reactions, rhetorical questions and questions which have answers but were unknown to me at the time of viewing ~

S6E1 – The Unknown

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I need a Tup figure — Want those Medic Officers as figures too — And now I need not just one but two versions of Admiral Trench — Those two Jedi sisters are awesome — Have we had Jedi siblings before — We had cousins I know — What is that Droid Commander’s name — How many of them have we had in figure form — Cool revelation that Dooku was in on the programming of the Clones — Thought defeating the droid army appeared a bit too easy for Anakin and the Clones at the beginning of the episode — Are all clones going to die after executing Order 66?

 S6E2 – Conspiracy

Shaak Ti’s head is way too big — I like that AC droid — They have a chip in their head and its not programming! — Is this the same Kaminoan doctor we saw earlier in the series — I want a grey Medic Clone Trooper!

S6E3 – Fugitive

Cool Clone Pilot uniform — AC reminds me of the Rex AKA Pee-Wee from Star Tours — Ok I really like AC now that he is a Transformer and can be ridden — Clones like Fives going renegade support what Filoni said Lucas said about why Stormtroopers are not clones but enlistees “creative thinking” — They call it Protocol 66 — Is that the 1st Jango reference and image in the whole series — Ah its not brainwashing but an implant — Are Kaminoans aquatic because photo 2 (11)they come up from out of the water on those McQuarrie flying whales?

S6E4 – Orders

That Vader’s table — Coruscant is beautiful, amazing CGI — Red Royal guards — FX-7 Rolls!!!!!! — The streets are packed with people, this series has come a long way — What ship is Anakin flying — Why did they make the reveal that Tyranus is Dooku such a big deal — RIP Fives.

S6E5 – An Old Friend

Embo’s Dog is awesome and I want that figure — What language does Embo speak — Which handmaiden is that — That is a new Padme model which really looks like Natalie Portman — That handmaiden is useless, when Clovis sneaks in Padme has to pull her own weapon — Clovis has a James Bond lair home — Good bikering between Anakin, Padme and Clovis — RIP Tekla — This episode’s intro was confusing, I better watch it again.

S6E6 – The Rise of Clovis

The swells in the score are awesome — The Senate Guards have capes — Nice to have Ian back as Palpatine — Anakin has a Podracing poster — He plays with a V-Wing model just like Luke — Obi-Wan tells his Satine story! — The boxes in Annie’s room are the box models used everywhere throughout the series — Padme is rocking double Star Puffs — Anakin better win in a fist fight as he has a metal fist — Whoa Anakin goes seriously domestic on Clovis — Anakin’s beating of Clovis is too dark — Love the Vader’s theme undertones in the score — Captain Typho’s guards look real and not CG — The senate chamber looks just like the films — Where are the E.T.s?

S6E7 – Crisis at the Heart

All red Republic Gunships — This is a kid’s show about interest rates — Dooku walking around in the sets looks amazingly real — Dooku kicks dead clone head — Lots of Headhunters which I want in 3 ¾ form — I really hate Gunships in space as they are meant to be like helicopters and not jets — RIP Clovis…or 2 (12)

S6E8 – The Disappeared

The credits in the intro nor outro reference Disney in any way — Rocky Horror Palpatine is back — He’s not as good — Why would the queen ask for Jar Jar — The explanation better be good — Ahhh this is an Odd Couple/Perfect Strangers concept — Ahmed is like Daniels and should be required to voice their characters always — Mace leave Jar Jar alone, he is knockin’ the boots — Why is Jar Jar no longer clumsy — It just turned into Jar Jar Jones and the Temple of Doom — Does that make Mace, Shortround?

S6E9 – The Disappeared: Pt. II

Is the mother going to be Talzin — Mace’s new catch phrase to replace “This party’s over” = “The chase is no” — That animal is Numa’s toy — This is now the market scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark — Is that the Airbender who Jar Jar fights — Jar Jar gets some sweet sucker punches — Is Mace’s “horse” from Naboo as seen in the Wildlife book — Those Stone Guardians are pretty cool — Since Talzin’s saber is green does that mean Luke’s green one was made of Sith magic — RIP Talzin or are you not dead — The ride off is a Last Crusade’s ending.

S6E10 – The Lost One

The Netflix logo needs a fanfare or theme song — We’ve seen this scene — Are those Sand Clones — Sifo Dyas was a Council Member — Was Obi-Wan referring to Ahsoka when he said that they have made mistakes of late — If they show Felucians will they look like they did in The Force Unleashed — Is that first Valorum reference — Expanded Universe destroyed, Valorum is alive — Wish Zod did the voice — Since when can they do long distance Force Chokes — Why use the biblical name Obadiah — The floors like absuletly real in some scenes — I don’t like the three way fight between Anakin, Obi and Dooku it cheapens the movies — Why is the council not connecting the dots, defective clones & Dooku helped make them — They referred to Naboo and the TPM which is rare in this the show.

S6E11 – Voices

photo 5 (6)Qui-Gon Jinn and more importantly Liam is back — Yoda/Force theme is strong and prevalent in the score — Does Mace trust anybody, now that he is questioning Yoda — Doesn’t this ruin the Episode III reveal to Obi-Wan that Yoda is talking to Qui-Gon — The time elapsed shot of Coruscant was unusual and not very Star Warsy —  What species is Yoda’s doctor — Yoda’s head just looks too big for his body — I want a Temple Guard action figure — Why does Yoda pick Anakin for this mission — No Yoda and Anakin are not friends in my opinion — Oh ok Anakin disobeys is why Yoda chose him — Yoda drops a Return of the Jedi line — I want that Yoda Jedi Starfighter — Bogwings on Dagobah — So are we to believe that R2 plotted the course to Dagobah for Luke in Empire since he’s been there — Dagobah is the Purest form of the Force — They just canonized Shaak Ti’s death by showing her cut scene from ROTS –- Why does Yoda slip into crazy hermit speak while on Dagobah — Why did they wait until Season 6 to include so many awesome Original and Prequel Trilogy references?

S6E12 – Destiny

Where’s Yoda’s flight headpiece — I still wish the Jedi would use flight suits like the Rebels have to — Why give up your saber — The Vader theme in undertones of score — This force world looks like Avatar land — These Force girls must be Force Oracles — Spinning Oracle faces are frightening — Yoda hoping on mushrooms is straight out of Mario Brothers — Too blatant with the Lord of the Rings — That Gollum Yoda is awesome and want badly that action figure — Ahsoka, I missed you!  Even though it’s just a vision — The young Jedi brat pack are back — Why does Dooku not have Sith eyes?

S6E13 – Sacrifice

Have we heard Mark Hamill’s work on the show yet — Darth Bane appears but has a new look — That Fire Samurai thing is pretty cool — Both Sidious and Dooku have new or different Sith outfits — DO NOT LIKE Palpatine using his Sith magic caldron — How does Yoda not figure out who Sidious is, he’s looking right at him — The Skywalker line — This gives away too much of what Yoda knows in the Original Trilogy and how he learned it — They don’t need to teach us everything now, what else will Yoda do for 20 years on Dagobah — So Yoda goes on this big mission and tells the council nothing, why?  — Love the orchestral credits instead of the main theme.

Final Thoughts

  • Personally the Order 66 arc was by far the best.  The tension was high as nobody was safe and because it deals with such an ominous event in the future.
  • The Clovis arc was surprisingly good for being a story that got the boot from Season 5.  I liked it much more than I thought I would.
  • It was also surprising that a Jar Jar story was included in the precious few episodes we received for Season 6 and that his and Mace’s chemistry actually worked.
  • The Yoda arc contrary to what most others are already saying was my least favorite.  It felt too fractured and didn’t leave anything to the imagination in regards to the Original Trilogy.
  • Additionally, the series did not feel like it had a proper conclusion by ending with the Yoda arc.  I  prefer Ahsoka’s departure as the finale.
  • My nitpick of the series: I wanted to see a reference or return of the Zillo Beast as Palpatine mentioned he was interested in cloning it.
  • Despite the fact that Lucasfilm, or more accurately, Disney wants to distance its focus from the Prequel Trilogy and The Clone Wars, we will be getting one more dose of this series in comic book form.  Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir will be coming this year and will adapt his intended story line from Season 6.
  • Hasbro will also be producing two Clone Trooper figures from The Lost Missions in their The Black Series line this fall.
  • And finally to pass the time until our next main Episode VII distraction, Star Wars Rebels, premieres you can spend time listening to Kevin Kliner’s great score for the series at his website.

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