The Black Series LogoThe nice thing about the lull which typically takes place after the busy holiday season, is that it gives collectors time to take pause and review what was released the previous year and time to save for the coming one.  With this week’s reveal of carded images of Wave 4 (Wave 1 of 2014) from The Black Series we thought we would once again take note of what this collector focused series has brought us so far.  The following provides first a list of the all 25 figures which have been released or pictured carded so far.  There are 8 addition figures we know of which are coming but have yet to be numbered or carded and so are not included in this list.  If you want to know or see images of the this figures, head over to our Gold 5’s Report for a list of all upcoming figures.  Next, you’ll find a series of charts documenting the current statistics of the line.  This provides a unique way of seeing what the overall focus of the line is by Hasbro from various different perspectives.  If their is a different focus or angle you would like to see, let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

The Black Seri1002634_218626811669970_1336384464_nes: Waves 1-4

  • #01  Padmé Amidala
  • #02  Clone Trooper Sergeant
  • #03  Anakin Skywalker
  • #04  Biggs Darklighter
  • #05  Luke Skywalker
  • #06  Darth Vader
  • #07  Biker Scout
  • #08  Clone Pilot
  • #09  R2-D2
  • #10  Pablo-Jill
  • #11  Luminara Unduli
  • #12  41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper
  • #13  Stormtrooper1969136_10153913533715154_1697674959_n
  • #14  Mara Jade
  • #15  Merumeru
  • #16  Clone Commander Neyo
  • #17  Vizam
  • #18  Darth Plageuis
  • #19  Mace Windu
  • #20  Bastila Shan
  • #21  Luke Skywalker
  • #22  Yoda
  • #23  Toryn Farr
  • #24  Snowtrooper Commander
  • #25  Dak Ralter






May the Figures be with you!