This week released an article detailing the second wave of the upcoming Black Series 6″ Archive collection. This series which focuses on releasing popular characters from The Black Series line with some photo-real printing upgrades.

The Archive line has been two years in the making, due in large part to the fans who talk directly to the Hasbro executives on the convention circuit. “We’ve actually been discussing this in one form or another for literally the past two years,” Schneider says. “And it was just based on this idea: Fans would say, ‘It’s great that you’re releasing 4-LOM. I want 4-LOM. But for 4-LOM to make sense, I also need Boba Fett and Bossk and IG-88.”

Hasbro has provided us with press photos of wave 2, which includes 3 of the 7 figures that will be released throughout 2019.