Yes Have Some’s Toy Anxiety: Bootleg Edition

This past week while a majority of the Yes Have Some cast was off celebrating the release and attending the world premiere of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Jake was asked to join host Ryan Doell as well as Jay Key from YHS on Monster Island and Jay from Geek. Dad. Life. in a special "bootleg" edition of Toy Anxiety. Ryan Doell's Bootleg Toy Anxiety With YHS recovering from the world premeire of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Ryan has assembled a rag-tag team (or a suicide squad) of renegade toy-dudes to tackle the weekly toy stress! Straight outta the flea's Ryan Doell and his henchmen, the guy from Geek. Dad. Life. and Fake Jake! It's going to be a clusterf*ck for the ages! We don't need name brands, [...]

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Toy Anxiety: The State of Star Wars Toy Collecting

Jake once again had the absolute pleasure of appearing on the YouTube show and podcast Toy Anxiety hosted by fellow collectors Craig Goldberg, Abigail Gardner, Jacob Walsh, and Ryan Doell. With the hobby falling upon hard times for folks headed to the toy aisle these days, the hosts discuss the state of collecting, Toys R Us in its heyday, and some of the reveals from last week's Star Wars Fan Celebration announcements from Hasbro. Tune in and subscribe to Yes Have Some and Toy Anxiety to never miss out on the fun! The week, the gang is joined by Jake Stevens of to talk about the current state of Star Wars toy collecting! Toy Anxiety LIVE! -2/24 #ghostbusters​​ #starwars​​ [...]

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Midnight Mando: 11/27/2020 – Chapter 13

This past week Jake had the pleasure of joining once again the hosts of Yes Have Some's Toy Anxiety podcast but this time to round table the latest episode of The Mandalorian. Midnight Mando, the live YouTube show hosted by Craig Goldberg and Abigail Gardner, breaks down each episode with equal parts knowledge and humor. If you are up for Star Wars history, deep cuts, speculation and a fun discussion then check out Chapter 13! #themandalorian #babyyoda #starwarspodcast Join the YHS crew for another round of Midnight Mando! Subscribe to Yes Have Some on YouTube - Follow YHS on Social Media - Support YHS on Patreon - Subscribe to Yes Have Some on YouTube - [...]

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Yes Have Some: Toy Anxiety with Jake Stevens

This past Monday Jake had an absolute blast chatting the Craig and Ryan, hosts of the Yes Have Some Podcast, on their Toy Anxiety show. The conversation included everything from GI Joe, Ghostbusters, Toys R Us, Masters of the Universe, and of course plenty of Star Wars talk. You can download the episode on your podcast catcher or watch it below on YouTube! Join Craig & Ryan for this week's edition of Toy Anxiety, with special guest Jake Stevens, podcaster and Star Wars action figure historian at Subscribe to Yes Have Some on YouTube - Follow YHS on Social Media - * * * Support YHS on Patreon -

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