Leland Chee’s Selig Kenjenn Figure

On today's episode of The Star Wars Show, featured a segment on Leland Chee, Lucasfilm's Keeper of the Holocron, which included his Hasbro action figure. Chee's figure, Selig KenJenn, is based off of his illustrated likeness and was also named by the Star Wars content historian. This figure was released in a 2013 Toys 'R' Us exclusive multi-pack along with Jedi Que-Mars Redath and Khaat Qiyn (both of which who were featured in Attack of the Clones) and Clone Captain Deviss (who like Kenjenn did not appear in the Prequels). Jedi KenJenn is just one of the many figures Hasbro has created that have been based on non-actors like Chee. Others on the list include the Maker himself George Lucas as well as his three children, Hasbro [...]

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New Rogue One Reveals

This morning Entertainment Weekly debuted the cover of their upcoming issue which will feature  exclusive content about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. On the cover of the issue hitting newsstands, this Friday can be seen Jyn Erso and, who we now know thanks to EW.com, Captain Cassian Andor (right) and K-2SO (left) as well the new versions of AT-ATs and TIE Fighters referred to as AT-ACTs and TIE-Strikers respectively. EW.com has also provided the names and background information about many of the core players in the A New Hope prequel which can all be found here.   Some major highlights include the official confirmation that Darth Vader will indeed be featured in the film. It was also revealed on the website and then shortly [...]

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