TOY RUN Episode 59 – A Galaxy of Action Figure Savings

On this week’s episode, your hosts Criz Bee and Jake Stevens talk about the latest Star Wars action figure news including a rumor list which leaked on Reddit about The Last Jedi figures. The hosts also discuss how much The Vintage Collection figures will cost when they launch in Spring 2018 and author Philip Reed stops by for a Toy Run to talk about his latest project, the A Galaxy Of Action Figure Savings book which covers Star Wars action figure newspaper ads from the 1970’s and 1980’s. Listen now and subscribe! We want to hear from you! If you have questions for the hosts, suggestions on which guest to have next, a figure fact you’d like to share or opinions on what segments you [...]

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Vintage Star Wars Action Figure Newspaper Ads Kickstarter Book

Here's a big heads up for fans of both vintage Kenner action figures and newspaper Star Wars nostalgia.'s Philip Reed (whom we interviewed last year for his last set of Star Wars action figure books) has just begun a new Kickstarter for his latest Star Wars-themed book which focuses on vintage newspaper ads featuring Kenner's infamous line of Star Wars figures. Collect These Figures and Accessories: An Unofficial Look at Star Wars Newspaper Ads, 1977 to 1986 is unlike the average Kickstarter project as it is 100% finished already. The purpose of this crowdfund is simply to send the book to the printers. As of press time, the book was already a fifth of the way to being funded with 10 days still left to go. [...]

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