Lightsaber Forge Press Release

Today Hasbro has shared with us their latest take on their immensely popular roleplay lightsaber line! In the last 4 decades, lightsabers have not only been a staple of Kenner and Hasbro but has continued to evolved with the times. From blow-up inflatable sabers to prop replicas, fans of all ages have enjoyed pretending to be their favorite Jedi, Sith or even more recently Mandalorian leader. Granted their previous efforts in the past two years failed to hit with audiences (Scream Sabers and Lightsaber Squad) but Lightsaber Forge appears to be a return to what has worked in the past with Blade Builders. We have received official images and information which you can find below: STAR WARS LIGHTSABER FORGE BLADESMITH LIGHTSABER Assortment (HASBRO/Age 4 years [...]