Exclusive ‘Archive Party II’ Giveaway

From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com has teamed up with IGrewUpStarWars.com to bring you some swag worth a Celebration! The "I'm a Kenner Star Wars Action Figure Collector" buttons are limited to just 140 pieces each. These will be an exclusive available only to attendees of the Archive Party II sponsored by The Star Wars Collectors Archive which will be taking place Thursday, April 16th during Celebration Anaheim 2015! To get your button simply track down sponsors Tom Berges and Jake Stevens at the party! The event is currently sold out but to find out more about it and the charity it supports check out their blog for the details. For information on other swag that will be available at Celebration Anaheim check out Amy Sjoberg's great write-up which can also be found on theswca.com's blog. Celebration [...]