Cardboard Galaxy’s POTF2 Commemorative Display

We just couldn't let our last month's 25th Anniversary of The Power of the Force 2 celebration end without adding one more piece to the collection to commemorate the anniversary. Our friends over at Cardboard Galaxy have created a great piece that pays tribute to the beginning of the modern line. The POTF2 Commemorative Display Stand for Hasbro Kenner Star Wars 3.75 Figures is a well-constructed diorama and display stand that can be set-up in one of two ways. This "cardboard" display can be arranged on your shelf both with or without the classic "25 Years" header. The background of the display features the designs and space battle scene that was originally featured on the Froot Loops box that included the mailaway offer for [...]

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Cardboard Galaxy’s Death Star Control Room Display

In excitement for the barrage of Stormtrooper-related figures Target has released this month, we purchased the Death Star Control Room Backdrop Display from Cardboard Galaxy. Cardboard Galaxy is a company which creates original custom photo backgrounds for Hasbro Star Was action figures. Providing attractive, affordable display pieces and playsets for Star Wars action figure collectors. Your figures want to live in the Cardboard Galaxy. As they mention, each of their backdrops are highly affordable and work seamlessly with Hasbro's vintage and modern products. For example, they have already created a supplemental set for Hasbro's Jabba's Palace playset. The Control Room piece we received includes Velcro, rather than tabs, to keep the display in place. The set took literally seconds to assembly due to its thoughtful design. [...]

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