UPDATE:  All 4-Day pass sold out in about an hour! Star Wars fever is high!

Even though Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is 432 days away, tickets for the Star Wars mega-con went on sale this morning. Most were in queue for longer than usual which reinforces the ideas that despite what some about Disney’s take over of the franchise, Star Wars is as popular as ever with fans! So popular that according to the LA Times, 65,000 fans attended Celebration this past April in Chicago.

After 41 minutes in a virtual queue (with a student assigned each period to watch my computer as it is the last day of school) we were able to make our purchase. In shock to no one, the $900 Jedi Master VIP tickets sold out very quickly.

We now enter into the next 400+ days with the same questions we did for Celebration IV in Los Angeles in 2007: What will be the focus of this convention? Shirts were available at checkout with the 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back on it, which ironically Celebration IV was focused on the 30th Anniversary of A New Hope.

There will be plenty of time to learn more about the show as the year goes on but for now we are left with speculating it will be about Cassian Andor series, The Mandalorian Season 2, Resistance season 4, and perhaps the trilogy from the Game of Thrones writers. But nevertheless, no matter what it focuses on, we all know Star Wars will be well served to its fans. Let’s just hope they figure out the whole lotto system to give the fans the love the content being presented a chance to experience it.

We are back from a brief break so stay tuned for some Summer fun as we dive into opening toys, reviewing figures, making new databases, covering Summer conventions and just all around celebrating the hobby of collecting modern and vintage Star Wars action figures.