With the 47th Annual San Diego Comic-Con International less than a week away, it’s time to begin soliciting for questions you may have about the Star Wars action figure and toy lines.  We’ll be conducting a Q&A session with members of the Star Wars Brand Team at the convention where we hope to learn further insights into the brand.  We are asking you the readers of and listeners of TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast to send us any burning questions you may have the for the Brand Team.

To have your voice heard, simply send your question in an email to or comment on this article on the social media site you prefer.

We’ll collect all of your questions and present them to Hasbro next Friday at the mega convention. Feel free to send in as many questions as you like as there are sure to be some new questions formed this weekend following the Star Wars Celebration currently taking place!

Just a few tips when formulating your questions, in the past Hasbro has been gun shy to reveal any information about specific figures coming in the future.  As of press time we have yet to receive any information about topics that can not be discussed.  Hasbro does not typically have answers they care to share with the public when it comes to figure distribution.  The questions are typically answered by the marketing team and not the actual sculptors, designers or distributors. And finally, since we proudly represent the Galaxy of Toys Network, feel free to pose questions pertaining their other lines as well such as MicroMachines, Hero 12″ figures, Titaniums, roleplay etc.

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May the Figures be with you!