Carl BouMansour, one of our favorite Star Wars action figure diorama builders, who is goes by Boutros77 sends us an update with his latest creations.  This time his creations center solely on the Original Trilogy and look fantastic! If you interested in learning more about the artist, check out our Fans of Force Figures exclusive interview with him which you can read here.

Hello All,
Hope you’re keeping well.
I wanted to share some lovely examples of Modular Display environments that I’ve built to fit specific display areas.
It’s great to see the finished pieces in situ.
There’s a good chance you’re already familiar with Kevin’s Cabinet of Scum & Villainy.
Following that, Narayan has been good enough to share some images of his Jabba’s Palace coffee table / terrarium.
Finally, I’ve also included some images of  a finished wall mounted Death Star.
As always, commissions to custom specs are welcome.
Thanks for your continued support.
May the Force be with You,






If you are interested in commissioning Boutros77 you can contact his at or head to his website. 

Until next time,
May the Figures be with you!