Now that Hasbro has shown a growing affinity for releasing playsets in The Vintage Collection line, our minds can not help but wonder what could lay in store for the future. So far since the return of the collector-focused Kenner package-inspired line we have received the following sets:

  • Jabba’s Sail Barge (The Khetanna) Vehicle (HasLab Exclusive)*
    • Jabba the Hutt
    • Yak Face
  • Jabba’s Palace Adventure Set (Wal*Mart Exclusive)
    • Han Solo (Carbonite)
    • Ree Yees
  • Carbon Freeze Chamber (Fan Channel Exclusive)
    • Stormtrooper
  • Tantive IV
    • Rebel Fleet Trooper

*yes is it labeled a vehicle but ain’t nobody flying this around the room!

Thanks to best selling writer and artist Mike Rex AKA Fangbone_Rex, as he has provided us some great food for thought. On the popular Star Wars Vintage Collection Group on Facebook, this Summer Mike shared some of his ideas about future modular sets simular to those Hasbro has released/announced. All images are used courtesy of Mike and make sure to check out his Instagram for lots more fun art and content!

Let us know which set you’d like to see next from Hasbro. Below you’ll find Mike’s images and his captions from each of this Summer’s posts.

I’d love to see a TVC Cantina set like this. It would be about the same size as Jabba’s Palace. Maybe no pack in figure… I’d buy a few of them.

Today’s entry is not modular, and would be a one-and-done set. In reality, I’d advocate for Hasbro to make sets that a collector could buy multiples of, but it does make pack-ins harder to choose.

Here’s my take on a Jabba’s Palace sized “Echo Base” set. Again, two pieces that connect, and can be rearranged. Who would the pack in be?

This one would come apart in three sections that could be mixed and matched… I would guess a Sandtrooper would be a good pack-in.