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Last night’s special Star Wars episode of Mythbusters, entitled Star Wars: Revenge of the Myth, gave us both our first new Star Wars media of the new year but also our first addition to our section “Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! ” which is our expanding filmography of all Kenner and Hasbro Star Wars action figures on the small and big silver screens.

The Mythbusters season opener set out to prove plausible or not three scenes from the Original Trilogy.  These included the Death Star chasm swing, the Ewok log vs AT-ST attack and if a Luke could have survived long enough within a Tauntaun for Han to build a shelter.  The latter of these was of course were The Vintage Collection Tauntaun appeared as reference for reconstructing a foam replica of the snow beast of burden.

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No spoilers here, so if you want to see if these three myths were plausible, you’ll have to check our the special with is slated to play again on January 11th.

And as always if you know of other appearances of Star Wars action figures in the media please let us know on our Facebook page!