Here at From 4-LOM to we love to share our passion for Star Wars action figures and appreciate the books and publications which do the same.  We have created a list of some of the best books and magazines the community has to offer in regards to Star Wars figures. At Jocasta’s Reference Desk you will find publications that include Star Wars action figure content ranging from visual guides to price guides, the making of to the impact and detailed histories to fun facts.

As with all our guides, lists and archives, this collection of titles is a continual work in progress (as there is loads more out there and it takes lots of hours flipping through Star Wars Insiders) to ensure that we build as thorough a library of sources as possible. If you have or know of a resource or visual guide publication please contact Joscasta by using our Facebook  page or by email at as she would love to add it to her reference desk.

To visit Jocasta’s Reference Desk simply pick on the pic below!