HoD302Today we feature the release of the Star Wars Toyscapes Omnibus of Star Wars: Herald of Destiny (Special Edition). This omnibus version of the action figure told tale includes an exclusive “Behind the Camera” essay by author John Caliber. In order to access this special release simply send your e-mail to Caliber at  john.caliber.1971@gmail.com for special download access.

You can also read each serialized episode on our Star Wars Toyscapes page.

And join us next Wednesday, for the beginning of the next Star Wars Toyscapes chapter, Brain of the Ark!


When Chewbacca discovers a freighter called  The Bestial Ark is carrying live and very deadly cargo, he launches a pursuit in the only vehicle fast enough to intercept it – a TIE Interceptor, a trophy from the shattered remnants of the Galactic Empire. Unfortunately, both Chewbacca and his quarry are travelling into a region of the galaxy where hatred for the Empire still burns brightly, and the inhabitants shoot before asking questions!