Seven years in the making, our guide for every Droid Factory figure released in the Disney Parks is once again complete and up-to-date! We have added not only the three new sets from Galaxy’s Edge which include color-changing properties but also added the just-released Halloween droid for 2019; R5-BOO19! Our 100% complete visual guide to everything (piece and release) of Disney’s Build-a-Droid series can be found here or by hitting the pic below.


While we were in the studio, we took some comparison photos of each character with their Droid Factory counterparts. These pics you will not find in the visual guide and in most instances, the newest version is featured on the far right (except for the new R4 below which is front and center).

We are unsure if this new green R4 is screen accurate so if you know his/her name, drop us a line!


BB-8: Clean, dirty and color-changing


R2-D2: with wires, clean, dirty, and color-changing


Chopper: the first release has more deco than the color-changer


 BB-9E: TLJ and color-changer


RA-7: the BAD version is much glossier than the color-changer.


CZ-3: The first version is much grimmier and this droid remains mostly pink when cold,


C-3PO: Clean, dirty, and color-changing


GNK: Sandcrawler and color-changer


As we updated the latest two holiday droids, we took some extra pics with them as well.

R5-BOO19 is clearly the leader of this R5 squad!

thumbnail_IMG_1780 (1)

All of the Halloween droids to date


Here is R4-H18 with a fellow server droid from Black Sun

thumbnail_IMG_1778 (1)

All of the Christman holiday droids released to date


Have a look at the visual guide for more on each of these droids and here’s until October when the yearly Holiday droid gets dropped!

Here are a few bonus clips from playtime with my 9-year-old:

Until then,

May the Figures be with you!