Today Entertainment Weekly posted an exclusive with Lucasfilm to reveal the names of the characters from The Force Awakens teaser trailer. This seriously increased our anticipation for seeing these figures in plastic in the coming year.

Finn on the RunBB8 Kylo Rey Poe

Now that these characters are being named we can only feel that they will be the ones (if any) featured at February’s New York Toy Fair.  Either that or we could very well be seeing these as possible Sneak Preview wave of figures released sometime in the summer.  To see the rest of the images with captions which were presented in vintage Topps trading card style, head on over to To add further to our excitement for the release of Episode VII we want to thank Tomas Lundholm from Leia’s Library for turning us on his great new countdown clock.


For those who want to join in with the many of us impatiently counting down the days until the sequel trilogy begins (and to the debut of its corresponding action figure line) you can download the WordPress compatible widget here.

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