The Mystery of DL-X2

The Background During the Power of the Jedi line in 2002, Hasbro began creating action figure exclusives for the Disney Parks's Star Tours ride. Each figure was based on an actual droid from one of the four Star Tours locations. Wave 1 consisted of three droids: G2-4T, R3-D3 and RX-24 "Rex". These figures were released on Power of the Jedi cardbacks. They were followed by a second wave of figures also in 2002 which included: DL-X2, R4-M9, and WEG-1618. These figures still bore the POTJ cardback. As Attack of the Clones debuted in May of '02, Hasbro transitioned all of their packaging designs over to a generic blue Star Wars cardback which has now come to be known as the "Saga" line. In 2004, Hasbro [...]

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A tour of the new Star Tours sets has posted a great visual review of the two new Disney Theme Park Exclusive Star Tours sets.  Both "The Search for the Rebel Spy" and "Sector 2 Security" are featured along side comparison photos of Star Tour sets from the past.  Now while these sets are currently only available at Disney Parks, if you missed last year's sets they can now be found at the by clicking here. Click the pic to get the whole review at

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