Playing “The Mandalorian” on Thanksgiving

Today is a day to give thanks and we are thankful for The Mandalorian and those who bring the show to life! As anyone who is active on social media or who likes to hang out at the watercooler on their breaks can tell you The Mandalorian is a huge hit not just with Star Wars fans but with viewing audiences overall. Reports have come out this week that the Disney+ show unseated (after 21 weeks) Stranger Things Season 3 as the most viewed streaming series. For those who have been watching the series, know that beyond Baby Yoda, there are numerous characters who collectors would love to see in plastic someday. While we wait for the first 3 3/4" figures from the show to drop [...]

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Bestbuy’s 6″ Heavy Infantry Mandalorian

In an amazingly well-timed release by Hasbro, Bestbuy announced their next Mandalorian exclusive just a day after the character's screen debut. The latest 6" figure to join the slow buy steadily increasing line of figures based on the hit Disney+ series, is the Jon Favreau-voiced character in which Hasbro refers to as "Heavy Infantry Mandalorian." This character, based on Chapter 3's credits, is referred to Paz Vizla which is very close to one of Favreau's other famous characters from The Clone Wars series. In that series, he played a different aggressive blue-armored Mandalorian by the name of Pre Vizsla. The coincidence seems too uncanny not to be related. But regardless of the origin of the character, we are excited to be getting this version in [...]

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Hasnotalent’s 3 3/4″ Blurrg = Happiness

This morning custom action figure designer @hasnotalent released a micro-run of his new 3 3/4" vintage-styled Blurrg creature. The beast which was limited to just 10 pieces sold out near instantly when it went up as a claim sale at 8 AM PST. This amazing digital sculpt not only includes a harness but an opening for an action figure to ride to replicate the technique Kenner used in the 70s and 80s. As the headline of this article states, this creature makes us very happy. Not only because we had the speed of a Jedi in claiming one this morning but we are huge fans of all things related to The Mandalorian and when it comes to the 3 3/4" line, the show has only [...]

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The Sandcrawler Episode #85 – We Have Spoken

The Sandcrawler Podcast has dropped Episode #85 and its all about The Mandalorian (apologies to the rest of the world)! Tune in only once you have watched both Chapters 1 & 2 and then find out if any of our speculation about the series comes true this Friday when Chapter 3 debuts. Recorded on Sunday, November 17, 2019 IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS OF THE MANDALORIAN THEN HIT HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON AS WE WILL BE DISCUSSING ALL ASPECTS OF THE SHOW! Recorded on Life Day 2019 (it’s canon, deal with it) Jake Stevens joins us to talk about The Mandalorian, Rhode Island Comic Con, Maclunky, Disney Plus and the ongoing argument of crossing the streams by mixing different lines of Star [...]

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Tracking The Mandalorian

We are on a The Mandalorian high so we put together a new page where we will both track the figures from the series that have been released/announced and propose ones we’d love to see in the future! Be wary, MILD SPOILERS about Chapter 1 included!

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Galaxy of Toys Episode #84 – International Con Reveals Fall 2019

The latest episode of Galaxy of Toys Podcast has dropped and is packed full of discussion about the latest reveals from Hasbro's EU Convention tour! Join Jason and co-hosts Ryan, Chris, Matt and Jake as they break down the upcoming Black Series and Vintage Collection figures and finally discuss the numerous hiccups Hasbro has had as of late. Tune in and let us know what you think on our socials. On this episode we take a look at some recent Hasbro Star Wars reveals from various Comic Cons held in Europe. Please send comments and questions to .

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Barcelona Manga Press Release and Images

In their last convention appearance of the year, the Hasbro Star Wars Brand Team revealed a few figures that will be coming in the second half of 2020. Just like at Lucca Comics and Games, Hasbro revealed two new Black Series, a "new" Vintage Collection figure and 4 reissues from earlier in The Vintage Collection line. For those keeping count over the past two weeks, Hasbro has revealed the following for 2020: 7 new Black Series figures 1 "new" repainted Black Series figure 2 newly sculpted Vintage Collection figures 2 "new" repainted Vintage Collection figures 8 reissued figures From a different point-of-view, we are getting in The Black Series: 6 figures from the Prequel Trilogy 1 figure from the Sequel Trilogy 1 figure from The [...]

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Lucca Comics and Games Press Release and Images

This past weekend was another busy one for Hasbro's Star Wars Brand Team as they held two different panels while wrapping up their EU Convention tour. The first batch of reveals was done at Lucca Comics and Games Convention that was held in Italy. At the convention when it came to new products, Hasbro followed the same pattern of reveals as they did the week before and announced two Black Series figures and one Vintage Collection figure. But at this show they included four additional reveals for the Vintage Collection in the form of another wave of online exclusive reissues. Now we are still working through information collected at the convention, but it appears that the Clone Trooper while being a reissue will be a [...]

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