Today is a day to give thanks and we are thankful for The Mandalorian and those who bring the show to life! As anyone who is active on social media or who likes to hang out at the watercooler on their breaks can tell you The Mandalorian is a huge hit not just with Star Wars fans but with viewing audiences overall. Reports have come out this week that the Disney+ show unseated (after 21 weeks) Stranger Things Season 3 as the most viewed streaming series.

For those who have been watching the series, know that beyond Baby Yoda, there are numerous characters who collectors would love to see in plastic someday. While we wait for the first 3 3/4″ figures from the show to drop officially from Hasbro this coming Spring, we felt the need to continue our look for pieces to accompany them. A huge thanks to Shawn Fear of Wattos Scrapyard for helping bring Baby Yoda into our collection just weeks after his world debut.


We have had tons of fun shooting not just our standing Baby Yoda but we were lucky enough to receive one in his floating bassinet as well. We used a Mattel Hotwheels Starship stand to elevate the little guy.


For those who want to get in on the fun, both of these figures are currently available on eBay. We’ve been using our modern mail away vintage-inspired Boba Fett as a stand-in for our new favorite Mandalorian.


With Hasbro’s decision to back away from a kid-focused 3 3/4″ line, we fear many of the characters, creatures, and figures we would normally expect to see in action figure form may not be produced in The Vintage Collection line due to the line’s limited output. So this makes figures like these key for collectors to build scenes and collections based on the media they love.

Now if you will excuse us, we are getting back to playing The Mandalorian with our new Blurrg (by @hasnotalent on Insta) and Baby Yoda on this Thanksgiving. We hope you all have a great and happy holiday and what is even better is that for those who can stay up past midnight tonight we will be treated with another new episode of The Mandalorian!