One of our favorite pastimes beyond collecting Star Wars action figures is hunting down their various appearances in the media (which we collect in our Lights! Camera! Action (Figure)! database). This week we have recently discovered the 2005 PG-13 teen comedy starring Amanda Bynes, Sydney White, features a smattering of Kenner action figures.

The modern telling of Cinderella told through college pledges includes a band of college misfits who, when playing cards, gamble with action figures. One of the lines featured prominently on the card table are vintage Star Wars figures.

sydney w1

In addition to a carded The Power of the Force Endor Luke, various other figures can be seen including a mail away vintage Cobra Commander and a pair of Jedi from Hasbro’s Unleashed Battle Packs series.

sydney w2

sydney 3

Other vintage Kenner figures being used for antes include Ree-Yees, Chewbacca, Hammerhead, a Stormtrooper, and a Hoth Rebel Commander!

sydney w4

sydney w5

sydney w6

An additional piece of interest for those wanting to watch Sydney White is that it features a young Ashley Eckstein as sorority sister Alicia.


We are working on a handful of additional figures appearances we are recently unearthed including a rock video, an interview, and an 80’s cop drama so look for those coming soon.

Until then,

May the Figures be with you!