31 years down and 1 to go!

Its hard to believe but in just 364 more days we'll be seeing the movie we've dreamt about for the last 31 years! When the Force awakens again on December 18th, 2015, we'll be once more beginning a new saga in that galaxy far, far away. In just 12 months, a whole new generation will have their eyes opened to many of the characters we have loved for close to four decades. In just 8,765 hours we'll be taking our first step into a new and larger world. In just 525,949 minutes we'll be seeing the first film fruits of LFL and Disney's labor. But who's counting! Our excitement for The Force Awakens continues to grow with each image, teaser and reveal Abrams and company drops [...]

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AyecaROMBA! We’re on Retroblasting!

Our own Jake Stevens teams up with Tom Berges from IGrewUpStarWars.com to assist Retroblasting with their latest Star Wars folly; AyecaROMBA! The "Magnificent" 17! To see more Star Wars action figure themed videos by Retroblasting look no further as you can now view them all right here on our newest Featured Sections page entitled Retroblasting: The Star Wars Episodes! And to see more of Tom and Jake circa '77-'84, make sure to check out the fantastic vintage Star Wars photo galleries at IGrewUpStarWars.com! Until next time, May the Figures be with you!

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“Don’t Bring Modern to a Vintage Shoot!”

Jake spent the afternoon with Tom from IGrewUpStarWars.com to talk "The Power of the Force" line of action figures. What happened next can only be titled, "Don't Bring Modern to a Vintage Shoot". Caution to viewers as figures were  harmed in the creation of this video and while we don't condone the destruction of Star Wars action figures, Tom is the "OT Curmudgeon" and so its to be forgiven.

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