TOY RUN Episode #67: News and Display Options with Tom Berges

On this week's episode of Toy Run Criz Bee talks about his trip to the Washington coast, old Star Wars Insider magazines and all the Star Wars action figure news from the past two weeks. Jason Luttrull from the Galaxy Of Toys stops by to help with the Toy Rundown Of The News while Jake is on vacation and Tom Berges from talks to Criz Bee about his staircase display to help and inspire fellow collectors with display options for their collections. Make sure to check out Tom Berges' collection on the Toy Run Facebook group or in the show notes! Listen now and don't forget to subscribe to Toy Run on iTunes! Show Notes Forces of Destiny Visual Guide Carl Cunningham Pleads Guilty [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 40: A Rogue One Review Roundtable

In this episode, Criz Bee and Jake Stevens take a rare break from talking action figures to review and discuss the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Joining them for this spoiler-filled conversation is Gus Lopez, who shares his experience from attending the World Premiere in Hollywood and Tom Berges, an Original Trilogy purist now faced with a movie set in his wheelhouse. What did these four lifelong OT era fans think of this “prequel”? Give Episode 40 a listen to find out and we’ll be back with your regularly scheduled action figure news next episode! Show Notes Rogue One Visual Guide The Art Of Rogue One Star Wars Celebration Archeology Panel 2016 We want to hear from you! If you [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 24: Growing Up Star Wars with Tom Berges

In this week’s episode Criz Bee and Jake pay tribute to Kenny Baker by sharing some stories and discussing some of the R2-D2 action figures which were released by Kenner/Hasbro over the last 38 years. Tom Berges from stops by to talk about his history with collecting Star Wars action figures and Star Wars in general. The hosts also cover the latest Star Wars action figure news and keep listeners up-to-date with the Collector’s Calendar All episodes are available for free download on iTunes, Stitcher and! Show Notes We want to hear from you! If you have questions for the hosts, suggestions on which guest to have next, a figure fact you’d like to share or opinions on what segments you did [...]

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37 Years of Imperial Troop Transport History & Restoration

Our friends over at RetroBlasting have released their latest vintage Kenner Star Wars vehicle restoration video which focuses on one of the toy line's very first Expanded Universe creations, the Imperial Troop Transport. Originally released in 1979, the ITT included an electric internal mini-record which played six "original Star Wars sounds" upon pressing the six orange button surrounding the cannon.  This feature tends to break down over time and for those wanting to hear R2-D2 Beeps, Stormtrooper stun blasts and the ITT's engine will want to pay close attention to this restoration. ITT Restoration Part 2 Now what makes this restoration project even of greater significance is that the specific vehicle undergoing the knife held by Michael's very capable hands belongs to our good friend and [...]

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Star Wars Nostalgia On the Rise

"We're bringing to life the nostalgia that many young parents feel about Star Wars and Kraft, and creating new and exciting ways to experience them together as a family," says Scott Glenn, brand manager for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. With Star Wars now once again approaching fever pitch as anticipation grows toward the debut of The Force Awakens, it’s become clear that it’s not just the new Star Wars that’s on everyone’s mind. A new appreciation for Star Wars nostalgia and vintage collectibles have become the focus of not just fans but corporate America as well. Companies like Sony have skewed their Star Wars advertising to an older demographic with the inclusion of Star Wars nostalgia. Kraft Macaroni as well has gone as far as [...]

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The Fan Force Was Strong On Force Friday

Wow, what an epic time last weekend was! We are still recovering from our #ForceFridayHangover. We understand that many people came away dissatisfied with their Midnight Madness experience due to the lack of supply at retailers and that can be frustrating for those looking to buy everything in one shot. We will agree that the pegs were less full in the action figure department than any of the four previous midnight releases but that didn’t deter our enjoyment the event because it was the local collecting community which made it a night to remember. The following is how our own Jake Stevens spent the event: “The evening began with a late dinner with the ol’ curmudgeon himself Tom Berges from and Criz Bee from [...]

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Galaxy of Toys and the Vehicles of ’81 & ’82

In our newest episode we are joined by Jerry from Star Wars Action News Podcast to discuss the vehicles and accessories from The Empire Strikes Back. Jerry, who's well known for his "Vintage Viewpoints", shares his history and thoughts on these toys from '81 and '82. Jason and the co-hosts (Tom, Chris, Ryan and Jake) also give their thoughts about The Force Awakens teaser which debuted over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. For a trip down an Episode IV-themed memory lane check out Episode 35. And if you are interested in other vintage Star Wars pics make sure to check out the galleries at Want more from The Empire Strikes Back check out Episode 22: Kenner Star Wars Vehicles, Playsets Ect. 1980! For a visual guide of [...]

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AyecaROMBA! We’re on Retroblasting!

Our own Jake Stevens teams up with Tom Berges from to assist Retroblasting with their latest Star Wars folly; AyecaROMBA! The "Magnificent" 17! To see more Star Wars action figure themed videos by Retroblasting look no further as you can now view them all right here on our newest Featured Sections page entitled Retroblasting: The Star Wars Episodes! And to see more of Tom and Jake circa '77-'84, make sure to check out the fantastic vintage Star Wars photo galleries at! Until next time, May the Figures be with you!

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“Don’t Bring Modern to a Vintage Shoot!”

Jake spent the afternoon with Tom from to talk "The Power of the Force" line of action figures. What happened next can only be titled, "Don't Bring Modern to a Vintage Shoot". Caution to viewers as figures were  harmed in the creation of this video and while we don't condone the destruction of Star Wars action figures, Tom is the "OT Curmudgeon" and so its to be forgiven.

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Vintage Videos & Posters from IGrewUpStarWars!

Most likely if you grew up with Star Wars in the 70's and 80's then you're already familiar with the nostalgic awesomeness of  Tom Berges runs a great site for those who want to recapture what it was like to live and collect Star Wars during the era of the Original Trilogy.  One of the many great features of the site is their video library where you can find original productions, interviews, vintage restorations by RetroBlasting and vintage collector's childhood videos.  Their newest video release is not for the faint-of-heart carded collector as it contains numerous vintage toys being torn from the card; albeit takes place at Christmas in the early 80's. For even more thoughts, discussions and pics about old school Star Wars, check out IGrewUpStarWars' [...]

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