TOY RUN Episode 60: Blasting Retro with Michael French

This week on TOY RUN, the hosts Criz Bee and Jake Stevens ask listeners to send in a 30 second audio snippet of their favorite Star Wars or Star Wars action figure memory, which will be used on next week’s 40th Anniversary Celebration episode. Criz Bee and Jake also discuss Space Walls, identifying Protocol Droids from Disney’s Build A Droid program and they read listener feedback about how much fans are willing to pay for  Vintage Collection figures and vehicles. Michael French, the co-creator and host of, stops by to talk about his history with Star Wars, his fandom and of course RetroBlasting. This is another jam-packed and not-to-be-missed episode of Star Wars toy talk, listen now and subscribe! Show Notes RetroBlasting On [...]

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2016 Review & Hope for 2017!

Happy New Year to you all!  We here at have had a great year when it comes to not only Star Wars figure collecting but with Star Wars in general.  With our friends over at, we successfully launched the weekly podcast TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast where we have interviewed many prominent members of the collecting community including our friends Gus Lopez, Steve Sansweet, Bill McBride, Tom Berges as well as Hasbro's Design Director Steve Evans.  We appeared on the Collectors Galaxy podcast, on another episode of  Retroblasting's Star Wars Follies and co-hosted an episode of Star Wars Action News.  We attended Star Wars nights at both the Tacoma Rainiers and Seattle Mariners, we hosted a panel on Star Wars action figures at Emerald [...]

37 Years of Imperial Troop Transport History & Restoration

Our friends over at RetroBlasting have released their latest vintage Kenner Star Wars vehicle restoration video which focuses on one of the toy line's very first Expanded Universe creations, the Imperial Troop Transport. Originally released in 1979, the ITT included an electric internal mini-record which played six "original Star Wars sounds" upon pressing the six orange button surrounding the cannon.  This feature tends to break down over time and for those wanting to hear R2-D2 Beeps, Stormtrooper stun blasts and the ITT's engine will want to pay close attention to this restoration. ITT Restoration Part 2 Now what makes this restoration project even of greater significance is that the specific vehicle undergoing the knife held by Michael's very capable hands belongs to our good friend and [...]

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Retroblasting’s Kenner X-Wing Restoration – Part 2

Melinda and Michael return to the task of restoring a Kenner vintage X-Wing in the second part of their latest Retroblasting series. To view all of their Star Wars follies and restoration videos, check out our Retroblasting: The Star Wars Episodes page in our Featured Sections. Until next time, May the Figures be with you!

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Retroblasting’s Restoration of a Childhood X-Wing

Michael from Retroblasting begins their step-by-step restoration of a well-loved childhood 1978 Kenner X-Wing Fighter. To see more Star Wars action figure themed videos and restorations by Retroblasting look no further as you can now view them all right here on our newest Featured Sections page entitled Retroblasting: The Star Wars Episodes!

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AyecaROMBA! We’re on Retroblasting!

Our own Jake Stevens teams up with Tom Berges from to assist Retroblasting with their latest Star Wars folly; AyecaROMBA! The "Magnificent" 17! To see more Star Wars action figure themed videos by Retroblasting look no further as you can now view them all right here on our newest Featured Sections page entitled Retroblasting: The Star Wars Episodes! And to see more of Tom and Jake circa '77-'84, make sure to check out the fantastic vintage Star Wars photo galleries at! Until next time, May the Figures be with you!

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Have a Blast with Retroblasting!

This past weekend, we had the great pleasure of making the acquaintance of Michael and Melinda from Retroblasting. Retroblasting is a great Youtube channel focused on analyzing, critiquing, restoring and mostly celebrating toys and cartoons from the 80's. And since Star Wars action figures played a big part of that era, Retroblasting has paid it the attention it deserves on multiple occasions.  Michael and Melinda do such a thorough job in their episodes and restoration guides that we have added them to our "Collecting Resources" page and plan on hosting all their Star Wars focused videos here in the future. But for now, we collected a few of our favorite Star Wars action figure themed episodes and have posted them below. Do yourself a favor and give them [...]

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