Our Favorite New Action Figure Resource

A few months ago we discovered a new wonderful visual resource for tracking action figures, weapons, vehicles and playsets in a simple image. The social media-based Action Figure Checklists creates visual checklists for action figure toylines that are extremely helpful for those wanting to make sure their collection or figure is complete. The collector and creator of Action Figure Checklists is William Stonum who came up with the concept as a way to track his own collections when toy hunting. With over 135 visual checklists currently available and more on the way, Stonum has put in a ton of work for the benefit of action figure collectors of all types. While we specialize here on Star Wars action figures, we are collectors and lovers of so [...]

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Super7’s ReAction SDCC Exclusive

Today Super7 released images of their upcoming ReAction San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Their Robot "Maria" figure, from the 1927 film Metropolis, features packaging which is a direct tribute to Kenner's vintage The Power of the Force line. In addition to the card back, it also includes a collectible coin just like the 1985 series. Maria from the classic 1927 Science Fiction silent film Metropolis makes her San Diego @Comic_Con debut as this exclusive 3.75" ReActon Figure with vac-metal finish and collectible coin. Only available at Booth 2543 while supplies last. Meet her next week in San Diego! We are absolutely in love with this figure as it also includes both a silver leg just like C-3PO and but is also vac metalized, which is a [...]

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Galaxy of Toys Episode 73 – Vintage Kenner POTF (The Last 17)

Galaxy of Toys is back with Episode 73 and it is all about Kenner's first wave of The Power of the Force figures. Is there actually 17 figures in this series? Did the hosts (Jason, Chris, Ryan, Matt, and Jake) even have these figures back in the day? Has the coolness of Han's Carbonite Chamber ever been replicated as well in the modern line? Find out the answers to these questions and much more on this monthly discussion about Star Wars toys from the past, present and future. About Galaxy of Toys Podcast Galaxy of Toys Podcast is a discussion about Star Wars toys from the past, present and future. The show is hosted by creator Jason Luttrull and is co-hosted a bevy of Star Wars collectors. The show, [...]

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AyecaROMBA! We’re on Retroblasting!

Our own Jake Stevens teams up with Tom Berges from IGrewUpStarWars.com to assist Retroblasting with their latest Star Wars folly; AyecaROMBA! The "Magnificent" 17! To see more Star Wars action figure themed videos by Retroblasting look no further as you can now view them all right here on our newest Featured Sections page entitled Retroblasting: The Star Wars Episodes! And to see more of Tom and Jake circa '77-'84, make sure to check out the fantastic vintage Star Wars photo galleries at IGrewUpStarWars.com! Until next time, May the Figures be with you!

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