dad's_dayIts hard to believe that its been 7 years since Hasbro released their Wal*Mart exclusive Father’s Day card/action figure set.  This release remains unique as it not only turned into it’s own gift box but is the only holiday-themed set Hasbro has ever photo 2 (35)created outside of their handful of Christmas sets.  Released in 2007 as part of The 30th Anniversary Collection this set wasn’t as largely produced as Wal*Mart exclusives typically are.

Of the figures included, just one was just unique enough to give loose collectors motivation to purchase it.  The unfatherly Darth photo 3 (30)Vader figure was a straight repack of the Throne Room Duel release from 2003’s Star Wars “Saga” line. Luke was a kitbashed figure that merged two previous versions from the Saga line to create this unique son of Skywalker.

In our opinion this was a fantastic concept for a new Star Wars figure release and would love to see Hasbro return to the well of holiday-themed sets much in the very successful way Lego Star Wars continues to do each year.

We here at From 4-LOM to Zucukss wish all fathers and father substitutes the happiest of days and that the Force and the Figures be with you!