Not only is this week a major holiday to many Star Wars fans, but it is also Teacher Appreciation Week! In a year where teachers have had to relearn their entire jobs while keeping kids engaged online at home and safe when coming to schools, it is important to not forget them this May. My amazing wife who is the Executive Director of a small non-profit which works to improve and strengthen the teaching profession tasked me with creating an image for her newsletter. As a public middle school teacher myself, I have seen the sacrifice, frustration, triumphs, and tears this past year has caused for teachers and students alike and so to all my fellow educators out there, while I know so many of your trials will never be known, and so many of your successes never be celebrated, I thank you for all that you have done for the youths of our future.

Best regards,


P.S. For the Star Wars collectors out there, this image was made using the  2009 Disney Parks exclusive Star Tours: Jedi Training Academy figures and the Zett Jukassa figure from the Lucas Collectors Set which was a 2006 exclusive.