The Sandcrawler Episode #81 – Afternoon Drinking

On this episode of The Sandcrawler, Dengar Dan finally has one too many and slides into near madness when it comes to redefining The Power of the Force 2 figures while Mike Tarkin cannibalizes Jawas and guest host Jake Stevens throws yet another fit about the use of inaccurate vintage Kenner images. Tune in and join the fun on Episode #81! On this week's show, Jake Stevens returns as we take a look at new news ahead of Triple Force Friday, The Mandalorian in Entertainment Weekly, when Black Series is white and new finds in I Wanted Everything. We also take a deep dive into Power of the Force promo stickers and Dan makes his case for POTF2 to be called vintage. All this and [...]

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Spider-Man Still Collects Star Wars Toys!

Today, Marvel Studios released the first teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home. In the teaser, like the trailer for the first film, features a scene which includes Star Wars action figure toys. In what appears to be either Vader's TIE or a TIE Bomber can be seen hanging out of Peter's book shelf. Vader's TIE Advance was released during The Power of the Force 2 line and the TIE Bomber was released during the Power of the Jedi line. This falls in line with the previous film's trailer as it too included Star Wars action figure toys. For a full list of all the cameos: Spider-Man Collects Star Wars Toys. And for our ever growing database of Star Wars action figure appearances in film and [...]

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Interviews with Hamill & Figures

On March 21st, 1997 Mark Hamill was still on this Special Edition promo tour when he stopped by The Big Breakfast, Channel 4's morning interview show in the UK. Throughout the interview, Hamill shares his knowledge of Star Wars toys while showing off some vintage and modern figures and vehicles. Featured in the clip is a Power of the Force 2 Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Fighter as well as a Dagobah Luke figure from the POTF2 line. Also shown is a 12" vintage Kenner Chewbacca and a minty carded 1978 Luke Skywalker figure. Now we take you back 17 years in time from the previous clip to an interview with Hamill and Harrison Ford from The Empire Strikes Back press junket. During the premiere [...]

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The Christmas Chronicles & SNL Figure Appearances

With the Christmas season now underway comes the potential of new Star Wars action figures appearances in films and on television. Whether it is under the tree like Mork, or in the background of a department store like in Cagney and Lacey (still can not track down the image again) or in a jail cell which Santa is trying to escape, 'tis the season for more Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! appearances. This week we'll add a number of updates to our database but today we will start with two. This past week, Netflix released their much advertised The Christmas Chronicles starring Kurt Russell and if you have yet to watch the film, know that some mild spoilers are ahead. In the film, Santa Claus ends up [...]

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Birthday Scavenger Hunt – Day 4: Leia and Vader Visit & POTF2

Welcome to Day 4 of my Birthday Scavenger Hunt! Before we begin my walk down memory lane, make sure you are familiar with the rules about how to play and enter to win. As you can see, I hit the lotto as a kid when it comes to parents. They not only nurtured my interests and passions but also provided memorable holidays and birthdays for me throughout my entire youth. This particular birthday can really only be explained with a series of 'yes' statements. Yes, Darth Vader and Princess Leia came to my birthday party. Yes, they told me they parked the Falcon in the dairy field behind our neighborhood. Yes, I was so petrified of Vader, I couldn't even really look in his direction. Yes, that is a [...]

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Last Day to Back the Barge

Today is the final day to support's Jabba's Sail Barge! By backing the barge today you will guarantee a February 2019 delivery of the largest toy Hasbro has produced since GI Joe's USS Flagg released in the mid-eighties. The Khetanna was fully funded this past Friday and backers will be receiving the Behind the Workbench booklet next week. This project is quite exciting for longtime and Vintage Collection collectors. So much so that even the person who helped destroy the barge is promoting Hasbro's version: #ad Like I told Jabba -- this is your last chance! #BackTheBarge, or you’ll regret it! Only 1 day left to support #HasLab & add this incredible vehicle to your collection. You don’t want to be the next #SarlaccSnack! Find out more info [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 44: The 20th Anniversary of the Special Editions!

In this week’s episode, Criz Bee and Jake Stevens celebrate 20 years of the Star Wars Special Editions!  The hosts share their memories of experiencing the rebirth of Star Wars on two different continents while covering each of the action figures that have been released based upon the 1997 re-releases.  Throw in some speculation about the upcoming 40th Anniversary Collection, what the title of Episode VIII really means, UK Toy Fair, a rundown of the week’s news and the collector calendar for Episode 44 of TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast.  Show Notes 40th anniversary logo on Chirrut Imwe on Entertainment Earth Baze Malbus on Entertainment Earth Hero Masher Checklist on Star Wars Celebration Art Show We want to hear from [...]

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More TV Figure Appearances Found

Thanks to the many collectors and fans who share their findings on social media we are able to add three more Kenner and Hasbro Star Wars action figure appearances to our Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! filmography! On a very special Christmas episode of Cagney and Lacey in 1982 "I'll Be Home For Christmas", the detectives hit the stores only to pass by some beautiful packed-on-the-pegs Empire Strikes Back figures. Special thanks to Jason L. for the heads up and Toby B. for the use of the images! Next up, we have a more modern appearance in the form of a few Power of the Force 2 figures that appeared in an episode of Dexter. This scene appeared in Season 2's episode titled "The Dark Defender" which [...]

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The Top 10 The Power of the Force Figures with

August 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of The Power of the Force toy line, which started a new era of Star Wars toys and collectibles in 1995. The toy line which was given the same name as the previous and final vintage toy line in 1985, ran for five years from August 1995 until the middle of 2000. The line (affectionately dubbed POTF2 by collectors) as a whole was huge with plenty of figures, vehicles, creatures, multi-packs, playsets, pack-ins, mail-aways and exclusives. The Power of the Force line of  figures are fairly easy to find even 20 years after their debut, which is very likely a result of collectors stocking up on figures, hoping for the toys to increase in value in the same way [...]

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Critters, Trekkies and Dinosaurs – Filmography Updated

As we head into the second half of the year (which will result in a new Star Wars film!!!!) we are sure Star Wars and its many collectibles will soon become more visible throughout all forms of media. To this end we will be keeping an eye on Star Wars-inclusive television and motion pictures in order to continue to add to our action figure filmography. Today we have a couple of updates to add to our Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! database with one being so blatantly absent we found ourselves laughing quite a bit upon realizing its absence. Thanks to our co-hosts from Galaxy of Toys Podcast Jason pointed out a slick silver custom Y-Wing in Critters and Ryan a Kenner Snowspeeder in Jurassic World. Trekkies surprisingly enough stars [...]

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