Today is the final day to support’s Jabba’s Sail Barge! By backing the barge today you will guarantee a February 2019 delivery of the largest toy Hasbro has produced since GI Joe’s USS Flagg released in the mid-eighties. The Khetanna was fully funded this past Friday and backers will be receiving the Behind the Workbench booklet next week.

This project is quite exciting for longtime and Vintage Collection collectors. So much so that even the person who helped destroy the barge is promoting Hasbro’s version:

As our followers on Facebook have seen, we have tracked the progress of the Barge very carefully over the past 45 days. Our research was proven correct and spot on when we showed the set was on track for being fully funding based on its success in the first few days and average percentages earned in weeks three and four.  Here is the full break down of the first 44 days.


Hasbro had a bit of fun celebrating the backing by sending out these images of their “Sushi Barge “on April 1st.




How high will the barge go before the deadline? Currently, she’s over 153% so who knows where she will land be 11:59 PM today?