The Sandcrawler Episode #92: POTF Expanded Universe and Deluxe Vehicles

The Sandcrawler is back for not only another new episode but for another walk down memory lane with the infamous Power of the Force 2  line from the '90s. Join the hosts and returning guest host Jake Stevens as talk of The Clones Wars, new Hasbro reveals and our recent quarantine projects. Tune in and let us know what you think on our socials! Coming to you from our various isolation bunkers in Massachusetts, Ontario & Washington State we are very glad to bring you another dose of Action Figure Therapy! Jake Stevens returns as we talk about what we’ve been doing the past month or so, some of us have been chilling at home and some of us have been working 7 days a week [...]

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Triple #ForceFriday & NYCC 2019 Recap Podcasts!

Looking to get caught up on what your favorite Star Wars action figure collecting podcast hosts did for Triple Force Friday and what great reveals were provided at Hasbro's Star Wars Brand Panel this past weekend. If so, here are two great shows for you to listen to on your toy runs this week to hunt down those First Edition Black Series figures or that army builder Sith Jet Trooper from The Vintage Collection! We're back to talk about our Triple Force Friday hauls and to discuss the latest Hasbro Star Wars reveals from New York Comic Con. Please send all questions and comments to   The Sandcrawler #82 - Triple Force Friday Saturday, October 5, 2019 New in our @TeePublic store! The "Offworld Jawa" [...]

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The Sandcrawler Episode #81 – Afternoon Drinking

On this episode of The Sandcrawler, Dengar Dan finally has one too many and slides into near madness when it comes to redefining The Power of the Force 2 figures while Mike Tarkin cannibalizes Jawas and guest host Jake Stevens throws yet another fit about the use of inaccurate vintage Kenner images. Tune in and join the fun on Episode #81! On this week's show, Jake Stevens returns as we take a look at new news ahead of Triple Force Friday, The Mandalorian in Entertainment Weekly, when Black Series is white and new finds in I Wanted Everything. We also take a deep dive into Power of the Force promo stickers and Dan makes his case for POTF2 to be called vintage. All this and [...]

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The Sandcrawler Episode 78 – SDCC 2019 with Jake Stevens

I was once privileged to spend a few hours chatting with my good friends Mac and Dan over the on The Sandcrawler Podcast this week! The topic of discussion was San Diego Comic-Con which wrapped up this past Sunday. Now, depending on your fandom, this was both an excellent show or a major let down. Tune in to find out what your hosts thought! After a month since our last episode we are back and excited to talk some Star Wars and we’ve brought along our buddy, Jake Stevens of to help us out! We’ve all picked up a lot of cool Star Wars merch since our last show including more prototype Power of the Force items for Dan, some great figures from 2015 for Mac [...]

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The Sandcrawler Podcast, Action Figure Therapy

Mike "Tarkin" MacDonald, occasional guest writer here at, and his cohost "Dengar" Dan Lizotte, invited me back onto their podcast The Sandcrawler to talk about Celebration Orlando. In Episode #20, you'll find tons of great discussion on not only prepping for Celebration but of Star Wars collecting in general and the real passion the international duo share for the Saga from a galaxy far, far away. Thanks again for the invite gentlemen and for the record, "I love The hook me up with that swag". See you in Orlando - Jake What makes this podcast different than all the rest? We won’t be reading off checklists or talking about where and when to find certain figures or collectibles. There are plenty of other shows that [...]

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The Sandcrawler Podcast #16

Jake Stevens joins fellow Star Wars collectors and all around great guys Mike (Tarkin) and (Dengar) Dan for some Star Wars action figure discussion on the latest episode of The Sandcrawler podcast entitled "Jake Stevens, The Kenner Hole & Patriots Rule". We are very excited to welcome Jake Stevens of and Toy Run to the show this week. Jake is a long-time action figure collector and a big part of the Star Wars collecting community and it was a great conversation covering the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, Hasbro distribution and the ongoing debate over super-articulated Star Wars figures.  Oh yeah, there’s some super hero movie discussion just for good measure too. The Sandcrawler is a part of the Retrozap Podcasting Network and is dedicated to Star [...]

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