Rebels and Hasbro debuts now on The Collector’s Calendar

With today's announcement that the one-hour Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion movie will be released on multiple formats over a handful of dates at the beginning of October we have performed a major update on The Collector's Calendar. Updates include Hasbro figure release schedules from San Diego Comic-Con, all Star Wars Rebels shorts and premiere dates, Del Rey's novel (canon) and Marvel Comic's comic book (canon) release schedules. And as always, From 4-LOM to is committed to keeping you up-to-date on all figure releases, dates and major Star Wars related events and so if you have information, events or dates to share, let us know on our official Facebook page.

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Hasbro’s SDCC Panel Reveals

Today in room 7AB the Hasbro Brand Team gave us a look at their upcoming toys lines.  Here is the list of what was officially announced at the panel for their 3 3/4" lines. We'll post a picture gallery soon but in the mean time checkout the great pics by our friends at on their Facebook page. Saga Legends Rebels Figures AT-DP Pilot Rebels TIE Pilot Rebels Jedi Temple Guard The Clone Wars Commander Gree The Clone Wars AT-AT Driver Episode V Plo Koon The Clone Wars Mission Series Hera Syndulla & Stormtrooper Commander Rebels Sabine Wren & Stormtrooper Rebels Bossk & IG-88 Episode V Wicket & Biker Scout Episode VI Wullffwarro & Wookiee Warrior Rebels IG-RM & Cikatro Vizago Rebels based on Ralph McQarrie [...]

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Rebelscum’s 1st SDCC Reveals

Rebelscum drops the first photos from the exhibitor floor of this year's San Diego Comic-Con.  Click the pick below to see who will be joining the elusive Starkiller from The Vintage Collection in the first wave of the newly carded The Black Series.  Also shown are the previously seen Star Wars Rebels vehicles and the first wave or two of the Mission Series. We will be keeping an updated checklist of all reveals throughout the con so make sure to check back often for updates. The Black Series (TIE Fighter Cardback) #01  R5-G19 #02  Luke Skywalker (Hoth Gear) #03  Darth Vader (Episode III) #04  Darth Malgus #05  Starkiller (Galen Marek) #06  Yoda (Episode IV) #??  Wedge Antilles (Snowspeeder) #??  Ree-Yees Saga Legends Rebels AT-DP (All [...]

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Senate Duel (MS10) Review

The tenth Mission Series 2-pack, "Senate Duel (MS10)" featuring Darth Sidious and Yoda, is finally beginning to show up at online retailers such as after being MIA for the past few weeks; the other two new sets in its presumed wave/revision, "Bespin" and "Utapau", hit retail awhile back.  This set follows the same pattern as the other two: one new figure, Darth Sidious, and one repack, Yoda. If you already purchased the Saga Legends Yoda, the ever-so-slight paint variations on this one are negligible...the only real difference on my MS sample is the superior paint job on his pupils. I'm a big fan of this Yoda; if I had to narrow my PT Yodas down to just one figure, it would be this one.  [...]

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Mission Series vs. Movie Heroes

When it comes to the Saga Legends/Mission Series, Hasbro's 5 points of articulation line of figures, its very easy for Hasbro to hit or miss.  Hasbro has stated that their limited amount of articulation would translate to producing some of the best figures sculpts out there.  And true they have had some clear hits lately with their Stormtrooper, Boba and Jango Fett figures. But unfortunately their misses are starting to overtake their hits.  Now this is hard to admit because we are huge fans of the 5POA concept and its nod to the vintage toys we grew up with. A good example of this is the recent release of their Mission Series: Bespin set featuring Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.  Here you can see that [...]

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Japanese Saga Legends Figure Exclusive Stands

When the new limited articulated Saga Legends line debuted last year it was announced that Japan would be carrying the figures as well but in that nation's popular blind box format.  Its was announced that the figures would be a mix of Saga Legends and Mission Series figures.  Fifteen figures that were pictured on the backside of the blind boxes, but what wasn't shown was the fact that each figure would include an action figure stand! The stands are nothing new to long time Star Wars figure collectors as they are reissues of the "Star Wars" stand that was made available with the 2006 The Saga Collection series.  Although this time they did not include the printed name of the figure on each stand. The [...]

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Freaky “Force” Friday Returns!

After being on hiatus, the game where switching places in the Star Wars universe is back!  Also back, by demand of no one, is the complete gallery of every blasphemous and ridiculous Freaky "Force" Friday of the past!            The Freaky "Force" Friday Gallery           May the Figures by with you!

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Toy Fair 2014’s Rebels, Reveals and Press Releases

"Begun, the Toy Fair has." This is the weekend when toy companies, retailers, the media and toy bloggers from around the world descend upon the Big Apple for Toy Fair.  This particular Toy Fair has been more anticipated than in prior years as many Star Wars fans and collectors were curious on what exactly was going to be revealed.  Join From 4-LOM to Zuckuss as we breakdown all of the Star Wars action figure reveals from Toy Fair 2014! Star Wars Rebels The days leading up to Toy Fair 2014 brought a couple of media exclusive reveals for Star Wars Rebels: Originally debuting on Originally debuting on This brought the total number of figures previewed to four.  Stormtrooper (implied on packaging), The Inquisitor, C1-10P [...]

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