Senate Duel (MS10) Review

The tenth Mission Series 2-pack, "Senate Duel (MS10)" featuring Darth Sidious and Yoda, is finally beginning to show up at online retailers such as after being MIA for the past few weeks; the other two new sets in its presumed wave/revision, "Bespin" and "Utapau", hit retail awhile back.  This set follows the same pattern as the other two: one new figure, Darth Sidious, and one repack, Yoda. If you already purchased the Saga Legends Yoda, the ever-so-slight paint variations on this one are negligible...the only real difference on my MS sample is the superior paint job on his pupils. I'm a big fan of this Yoda; if I had to narrow my PT Yodas down to just one figure, it would be this one.  [...]