It took just about until Star Wars Rebels’ mid-season break before most of the country was able to get their hands on many of the show’s action figures and yet just as stores have filled their shelves we are already once again wanting more.  The small amount of actual Rebels figures available is a bit lacking. The first initial wave of Hasbro’s Rebels-based line includes just 10 figures and 3 vehicles despite 12 carded figures, 5 Mission Series 2-packs, 1 exclusive and 6 vehicles shipping in the same assortments.

The popularity of the animated series is very welcomed but a larger line of figures devoted to the new show would have been preferred over the numerous re-releases that have accompanied the line’s debut. The Clone Wars series began with much more fanfare but to its defense it did have a theatrical debut as opposed to Rebels television special/DVD premiere.

According to Hasbro’s summer convention reveals, the next wave of figures is slated for this month but the way distribution has been of late, we are predicting it will show up after the new year. If this is true, then we will end 2015 with only the following figures:

Heroes of The Ghost

photo 3 (52)

Imperial Enemies

photo 5 (34)

Old Friends

photo 4 (47)

photo 1 (57)Our desire for more figures comes from the fact that we enjoy the vintage feel of these 5POA figures.  They have an aesthetic that falls right in line with the Kenner vintage line. And even despite the design changes, which we discussed here, the Imperial Troop Transport will be a fun and nostalgic addition to this line.

The major oversight  in the line so far is that all of the female leads have been held until later in the series. Both Hera and Sabine are not slated for single card releases but are instead packed with Stormtroopers in their Mission Series sets to more than likely help bolster their sales.

The show’s many rivalries lends itself well for a large variety of new Mission Series sets centered around these conflicts.

photo 1 (58)

photo 4 (46)According to what Hasbro has shown us already we can expect just 10 more new figures throughout the next few seasons. You can find a full checklist of all Rebels figures and whats to come on our Action Figure Checklist page.  And if you want more Rebels action figure coverage, check out our “Rebels Base” section.

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