There’s no doubt that the end of the last month of the 40th year of Star Wars has gone out with a bang. Just in the last month, there has been so much in both the world of Star Wars and in the world of collecting Star Wars. We’ve just returned from a lengthy holiday stay in Southeast Asia and so its time to get caught up with December and finish out 2017!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi


It’s very strange to now be living in, for the moment, a Star Wars landscape that has suddenly very divisive. If there’s one thing that can be said about the debut of The Last Jedi, it has got people talking. Talking about what Star Wars means to them; about what the Force really is; expectation over reality; critic vs. fan reviews; old vs. new fans; Lucas era vs. Disney era Lucasfilm; and the list goes on. No matter what your thoughts and opinions on the film, may we suggest the following few simple tips when chatting about The Last Jedi with fellow fans online or during holiday parties;

  1. Be Jedi-like and seek peaceful negotiations in your conversations and not Sith-like by dealing in absolutes
  2. Make arguments with researched points as opposed to emotional statements based on click-bait headlines
  3. And of course, see the film before ranting or raving and shouting at the sky

As for our thoughts, Jake has posted the following on the TOY RUN Facebook page:

“So here is where I sit! Really enjoyed seeing it in the theater (my son loved the whole thing). Got really concerned afterward when I tried to make it work with my expectations and my own head cannon. Now that I have slept on it, talked about, speculated about it, I’m enjoying it. Reading reviews from critics (and not dissatisfied fans) has further reinforced my belief that in order for Star Wars to survive, they need to clean the slate. We want Luke to be Obi-Wan but in doing so we would be doing more of the same. Luke is still whiny and melodramatic, he did grow into what we wanted by forming a new Academy, but just like Order 66 it all collapsed, so why would he do it again. Yoda did not teach Luke the ways of the Jedi in the PT so Luke was wrong to form an academy. The film takes Star Wars into the future and while it’s not perfect, it’s a really good way of giving us a new take on our beloved galaxy far, far away.”

Whether you loved it or hated it, for a great take on all Easter eggs, cameos and arguments in The Last Jedi we fill Mr. Sunday Movies does a bloody good job:

Hasbro Force Link Figures

While no new figures were released this past month, Amazon postings revealed the first carded pics of three new upcoming 3 ¾” figures:

  • Emperor Palpatine (from Return of the Jedi)
  • C’ai Threnalli (from The Last Jedi)
  • First Order Flametrooper (from The Force Awakens)

Now of these three figures, Threnalli is the only “new” figure as Palps was already released in the Target Exclusive three pack and the Flametrooper was released in the TFA figure line. The Rebel pilot is only partially new because he very closely resembles Ello Asty from The Force Awakens line.


The Black Series

Wave 15 has begun showing up on eBay and includes the updated Capt. Rex, DJ, and Rey (Island Journey) so expect these in the next few months on store shelves.

Disney’s Droid Factory Series

Unfortunately, contrary to what Disney designers promised us during their merchandising panel at Celebration Orlando earlier this year, we did not receive a reveal of the announced Sandcrawler vehicle or playset.


And speaking of the Build-a-Droid series, look for our guide to be completed and up-to-date in the week ahead.

Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)!

We have multiple new entries to include in our ever-expanding filmography for Kenner and Hasbro action figures:

  • Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Cast of The Last Jedi episode


  • The recently rediscovered Carrie Fisher appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno


  • The debut of The Toys That Made Us Star Wars episode


  • Battlefront II’s amazing commercial featuring Hasbro and Kenner figs

The Toys That Made Us

This new Netflix documentary series, which feels like an extension of Plastic Galaxy (due to the help of director Brian Stillman) includes an appearance by our friend Gus Lopez and contribution by our TOY RUN co-pilot Criz Bee of

Discounts Galore

Following Christmas, late December and January are always great times to find deals on figures and now is no different.

Wal*Mart and Target have both begun deep discounts on everything from Forces of Destiny to Masterpieces. Hit the stores now as this merch needs to disappear ASAP as Solo is just around the corner.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

With the recent pics that Disney and LFL have denied are official, we do now have a bit of hope that Kenner’s Cargo Handler concept from 1985 could very well see the light of day. Simply search out the hashtag #soloastarwarsstory on social media for the images if you have yet to see them.


Image courtesy of

Micro Force

A big thanks to Hasbro and their PR company for providing us with some Micro Force samples. These figures are indeed a continuation of the Battle Pods line for a few years back. Each pack includes two Micro figures and in the five packs we received, we did not receive any duplicates which very well could mean that each package includes a set paring, making completing the set a bit simpler than randomly packaged blind packs. The first wave includes just 12 figures and the second wave is set to debut in the Spring.


TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast

Episode 90 dropped and is just a single head shy of a Galaxy of Toys Podcast reunion.

For this episode of Toy Run, Criz Bee and Jake Stevens invited Tom Berges from and Ryan Beise from the Collecting Cosmos podcast back onto the show to discuss the best and worst Star Wars action figures of 2017.

Side note, this episode was recorded before The Last Jedi was released in movie theaters.

Cantina Crew Stickers

Our friend Jorge Baeza has a great new 5” sticker available featuring our favorite Vintage Kenner aliens. Find Jorge on social media or at to order a set for just $5. And don’t delay as it is a limited run!


USA Today Kenner Article

TOY RUN listener Trent Rosecrans helped pen an article about Kenner’s Early Bird Kit with the help of our friend Matt Fox from This Week in Star Wars podcast.


Happy New Years!

And finally, we want to thank our readers and listeners for another great year. As we enter into our 5th year, we are looking to make some much-needed upgrades to the site which we are looking forward to and want to wish you and yours a prosperous New Year. We only have 145 more days until Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story drops so we have plenty to look forward to in the months ahead!

  • January – Deep Discounts at retail
  • February – Toy Fair 2018 (likely Solo toy line reveal)
  • April – Launch of the Solo: A Star Wars Story line at retail
  • May – Solo: A Star Wars Story premiere on the 41st anniversary of Star Wars (May 25th)
  • TBA – The second half of the final Season of Rebels on Disney XD


May the Force and Figures be with you in the New Year!