This week on The Sandcrawler, Jake joins Mac and Dan to discuss this Fall’s many #MandoMonday reveals and a ton of action figure therapy…now in video!

This week we catch up on Mando Mondays and the announced Star Wars figures for Black Series and The Vintage Collection.

Will we get the entire Bad Batch team at some point?

Does it really matter if the announced Zutton figure is named Snaggletooth or not?

In I Wanted Everything Jake knocked off a few big missing pieces for his complete Disney Parks Droid Factory collection.

Dan finds a super cool KB Toys Phantom Menace sign and Mac proves he’s a hypocrite  and gets The Carbon Freeze Chamber play set.

It’s a shorter show this week but it’s jam-packed with tons of ACTION FIGURE THERAPY!

The Black Series

  1. Greef Karga (Season 1) – MM4

  2. Moff Gideon – MM4

  3. Kuiil – MM4

  4. Clone Wars Asajj Ventress – FFFLS

  5. Clone Wars Bad Batch Hunter – FFFLS

  6. Clone QWars Bard Batch Crosshair – FFFLS

The Vintage Collection

  1. Greef Karga (Season 2 Magistrate) – MM5

  2. The Child with Pram and Frog -now have 3 different versions via Yakface – MM5

  3. Zutton (Snaggletooth)






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