The Black Series LogoWe have added two new checklists to our Collecting Resources page.  The Black Series, now entering its second iteration with its new TIE Fighter Pilot motif and use of blue and no longer orange in its packaging, has been added to our database.  Also new with these two is our debut of the Pocket Guide.  The Pocket Guide is our attempt to give you a checklist that is both printer friendly and presented on one page for a fairly easy and low-tech way to track your collection on the go.

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2014 The Black Series


We are currently hard at work at updating and completing checklists from the more recent lines so look for more updates and additions in the weeks ahead.  But next up, be on the look our for our Star Wars Rebels checklist this week!

As always if you have some thoughts or suggestions about our Action Figure Checklists, please feel free to contact us at or through our official Facebook page.